Switch rip-off 'Nanica Smitch' spotted at retail

Plays all your favorite Smitch games

The clone systems never end! We have yet another platform that not only rips off various games, but hardware designs as well. Some company out there is trying to cash in on the Switch's success with the 'Nanica Smitch,' which goes out of its way to look like a Switch. Sure, you and I can spot the difference easily, but can your parents/grandparents? There's no doubt a few of these will get picked up over the holidays by people who aren't completely in the know.

Also, you can bet Nintendo didn't approve the inclusion of Mario on the front of the box. There's no doubt the system is filled with illegally downloaded/ripped ROMs as well. Let's see how long this sucker lasts on the market.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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Sat Dec 21 19 02:14pm
Rating: 7

Perfect to play during Smarch.

Sat Dec 21 19 02:14pm
Rating: 7

Perfect to play during Smarch.

Is that a ripoff version of "Snper Swash Bras"?

Lets see how long this sucker lasts?

You must not be very familiar with Chinese clones. Companies don't even bother taking them to court any more cause the Chinese court says Nah.. Looks nothing like it, and throws the case out. There's clones of top brand cars there, clones of shops, of phones, of GB, GBA, PSP, of everything. There's been a clone of the Vita with Switch colours on ebay for the last couple years too. They're not going anywhere.

That's brilliant. I love it.

Does it mention which country its from? If its in China, then I'd doubt that Nintendo can do anything about it.

I'm sure some people at Nintendo said that indeed when they saw this thing: "なにか?"

creating confusion for the consumer is yet again not a reason for action by retailers , it's pretty low . It should not be that hard with so little retailers left ,

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