Switch 64 GB game cards look set for 2020 release

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All the way back in in Dec. 2017, we heard that Nintendo was pushing their plans for 64 GB game cards into 2019 due to technical issues. We went all of 2019 without seeing that, but it looks like those game cards are indeed coming soon.

A report from the Taipei Times mentions that flash memory maker Macronix is moving on its 3D NAND in the second half of 2020, and apparently their first customer is Nintendo. Macronix is the company behind the flash memory in the current Switch game cards, so it wouldn't be surprising to see them handling the 64 GB option as well.

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Mon Dec 23 19 03:21pm
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That’s great news. Not that any 3rd parties will use them. They’ll continue to stick with the 8GB option with mandatory downloads for the consumer. Still, this is good news.

Mon Dec 23 19 03:21pm
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That’s great news. Not that any 3rd parties will use them. They’ll continue to stick with the 8GB option with mandatory downloads for the consumer. Still, this is good news.

If it’s likeSD cards, then we may see a few small third parties shift to 16GB, big ones shift to 32, and 64 being only for those who want to burn money. Remember, Multi SKU cards alongside 16GB games became a lot more common place this year so it’s a gradual process... And should thankfully help the Switch out. Hopefully it isn’t too late

With 64gb carts it means 16gb carts will become cheaper, so 8gb carts might be phased out.

Not necessarily. It’s mass production that reduces prices not the availability of a higher capacity card.

They're probably too expensive for most publishers to consider using

With these 64GB game cards, Third-Party developers will less likely refuse developing video games for any Nintendo system, yet many will continue to so. Third-parties are probably reminding themselves (and Nintendo) of the Wii U, its poor sales, and everything Nintendo lost during the system’s lifespan, but don’t those skeptics know all of that is in the past?

The N64 Cart problems are in the past but rear their ugly heads again in this generation due to the awful choice of storage medium used for the system: Cool concept, but with the size of the games they should have offered some form of CD/BR play for bigger titles to not screw third parties over. Not that it would be doable on the lite at this point, however...

Tue Dec 24 19 02:13am
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Disc based media and handhelds do not go well together.
You'll have bulk issues with both the size of discs, and the disc reader on the console.
More frequent disc read errors from the console moving. Even more so if you use gyroscope controls.
Reduced battery life of the console.

Factoring in the regular arguments of pros and cons of flash memory vs optical media, is Nintendo's choice really that bad?

If even The Witcher III and all its DLC fit into one 32GB cart, I wonder what would require 64GB

CD projekt could try to put their cyberpunk 2077 on a 64 gig cart. I'm not saying they have to but wouldn't it be fun to try and see if it fits.😉

I believe they could fit the game in there, but I don't see the Switch being able to run it without melting XD

I doubt anyone will use these.

Is there even a reason for carts like these to even appear? Even Nintendo's own games don't need that...or I guess Pokemon S&S could have benefited from that.

But good news overall. Maybe it can push Capcom and Squenix to port Devil May Cry 5 and Final Fantasy 7 remakes...

How would S&S benefit from it? The game weighs less than 10 GB

It could have so that Gamefreak could make full use of the graphical power instead of what it is now.

The file size of the game has very little to do with its ability to be graphically impressive. A 1GB game could look photorealistic and a 100GB game could look like crap.

I highly doubt that is what held them back.

For starters, they have about 6GB left in the cartridge they used

Most importantly, they never never EVER pushed any system to its limit. Battles in the 3DS lagged because they couldn't optimise the game. There are games far more demanding that run much better on the base 3DS.

So, what you want is that a company suddenly changes their way of making games because of what companies are doing. Don't hold your breath, The Pokémon Company marches to the beating of their own drums. They may work a bit harder on the next one, but I wouldn't expect Breath of the Wild Pokémon Edition until we change hardware at least twice.

Nintendo should really eat the cost of these cards. They chose to go down this route and third party publishes shouldn’t have to foot the bill to use the medium Nintendo chose. The third party should pay a flat fee regardless of what capacity card they need to fit their game.


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