12 blank Switch software SKUs have been added to GameStop's system

Direct imminent?

Why is something that's so minor always so exciting?! GameStop has added 12 more blank SKUs to their system, implying that some unrevealed games will likely be available for pre-order in the near future. Updates like this usually happen when a Direct presentation is imminent, and it's certainly not unusual for Nintendo to host one in January. Hopefully something is announced within the next couple of weeks.


Dont they usually put the year as the same year as tentative release like shouldnt it read 12/31/20 not 12/31/19?

Wed Jan 01 20 12:37pm
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There's usually a January Direct

I know that and I'm not denying the possibility. What I am saying is this looks like an old "Gamestop System Update" kind of thing to preempt an actual leak of Gamestop updating their system with blank Switch SKUs which again usually have placeholder dates of 12/31/20 since its be coming out probably sometime in 2020. I mean this person's actual Twitter name is Master of Hype so obviously someone that's always looking for that 15 minutes of fame.

I think they were replying to the article and not you. The post they made isn't attached to yours.

Possible, but it's weird saying theres usually a January Direct when the post specifically says "it's certainly not unusual for Nintendo to host one in January".

Since we know way too little abouttgegames coming to Switch this year a Jan. Direct would be very fitting.


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