Analysts predict Switch to remain the top console in 2020, Switch Pro possible

Let's see how these predictions turn out

Analysts have come together to not only discuss how their predictions for 2019 turned out, but also offer up some new ones for 2020. When it comes to the Switch, it seems everyone agrees that this year will be another big one for the platform. See what the analysts had to say about Switch and its future below.

Piers Harding-Rolls, IHS Markit Technology

Console - No real surprise, but Switch will again be the best selling console during the year. I think the likelihood of a higher-end Switch in 2020 has significantly diminished since the launch of an improved flagship Switch and the Switch Lite. 2020 is also set to be Switch's best hardware sales performance since launch. The Switch Lite will launch in mainland China.

Mat Piscatella, NPD Group

Despite year-on-year declines, Nintendo Switch will lead the hardware market - Nintendo Switch carries tremendous momentum into 2020. While I do expect hardware sales to decline in 2020, Nintendo Switch will remain on top in the hardware space, perhaps into 2022.

Dr. Serkan Toto, Kantan Games

Switch Pro launch - There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nintendo will launch a "Switch Pro" in 2020, my guess is at $399. More specifically, I predict 4K support, bigger cartridge sizes, and of course beefed-up components. I also think the device will launch after the summer holidays to counter the roll-out of the PS5 and next-gen Xbox later in the year - along with a first-party, system-seller game.

More Microsoft games on the Switch - The love affair between Microsoft and Nintendo is likely to continue, with more big Xbox games landing on the Switch. I am skeptical about xCloud coming to the Nintendo device in 2020, however.

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Dr. Toto sounds like a daydreamer spouting off his dream wishlist!

He predicted the Lite.

Thu Jan 02 20 03:06pm
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At the very least, I don't expect 4K support at all. Just not going to happen with a mobile device yet. It'll happen eventually, but not in 2020. That said, I do expect a Switch "Pro" this year regardless. Just no 4K support.

Yeah it's too soon for 4K. There's just not enough worldwide adoption yet.

The more important thing Nintendo should do is beef up their next Switch variant or successor to add support for raytracing. That's the current hot graphics trend coming to the next XBox and PS 5 and Nintendo will need raytracing support for any hopes of continued multiplatform support.

Otherwise Nintendo will only get ported Xbox One and PS4 games that weren't originally ported for the Switch due to its specs.

It is too early for Nintendo to reveal the next switch and honestly...it would just alienate the fanbase if they do so. Like if they made exclusive games for the pro? And remember the flak the n3ds got when SNES virtual console was exclusive to that?

They already released the Switch Lite which sn't even a Switch and can't play several Switch games, so... I wouldn't be so sure. They can just call it the Switch 2 and let it hace BC for all Switch games and it gets it's new games.

It's Nintendo after all Smile

The incentive for the Switch lite was for those who travel and play their games on the go. And the games that require the switch can also somewhat still work on the Lite so what are you getting at.

Releasing exclusive games for a new revision makes little to no sense as really, it would just be like the N3DS where there were not many games that made use of the hardware at all.

Switch Lite was also made with kids in mind and also to be a cheaper version of the Switch. But stil there are games unplayable on the Lite, so I would not be susprised if Nintendo would let developers use the extra strength of the Pro and actually make exclusives. They might not make many, if any, themselves, but would let developers decide. But then again, we know little of Nintendo's plans for this year, so... The waiting game continues =)

It made sense for the N3DS because the 3DS itself had lots of flaws such as lack of additional shoulder buttons, the 3d effect not being stable and that the build quality not being as great either. So it made sense that it had some exclusives in it.

Switch Pro on the other hand seems odd to have exclusives because the Switch is already as good as it can get.

I just hope that the pro acts like the PS4 pro where you only get better framrates and stuff on handheld.

The N3DS has more power than the basic 3DS, so that's why they made exclusive games for it. Games that couldn'r run on the 3DS. The rest was a nice bonus, yeah.

What do you mean with " the Switch is already as good as it can get." If a pro comes it will be better. And if the Pro will have enough more juice then some devs may use it to make games for just that, like with the N3DS, as I pointed out above.

And why should there only be better frame rates in handheld? It's a hybrid console, so it should also have better framerates etc in docked mode. And to just add a little bit of power might not be enough to fight it of with the PS5/WhateverXbox... But, again, we'll have to wait and see.

And look what happened for that? You really would want gamers to get angry that a pro could not only handle games better but also play exclusive games for that matter? It made some sense for N3Ds but here?

And more power doesn't mean better. It could be worse and adding lesser battery life as well.

The N3DS didn't really have many exclusive games, but if the Pro did I am unsure there would be such a big fuss about it now. The mid-gen thing is way more common now than back then. And, AGAIN, Nintendo could let developers have the option. Some devs would make exclusives with the extra power, as others would want to sell as many copies as possible and have their games just perform better on the "Pro" but still perfectly fine on the normal Switch.

"And more power doesn't mean better. It could be worse and adding lesser battery life as well."

In another comment you stated you just wanted the "Pro" for already existing games getting better performance and whatever the "Prp" will do it's going to be stronger than the original Switch thus they'll have to do something with that issue.

DS had the DSi followed by 3DS being followed by "NEW" 3DS. Why can't Switch get a mid-generation upgrade? I do agree though that it's too soon for a Switch sequel.

DSI was released two years after the DS Lite was released. So if the Switch lite was released last year, it would be stupid for Nintendo to release a sequel now or even next year unless the sales of PS5 and X series somehow skyrocket Switch lifetime sales or far surpass it.

I can't see raytracing being a priority over how a game plays, which to Nintendo tends to be their priority...a lighting and reflection trick doesn't really add anything to a game apart from aesthetics at the end of the day.

Fri Jan 03 20 05:15pm
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But it takes a lot of power, the power the Switch currently lacks. Many 3rd AAA parties will adopt raytracing including Rockstar with the eventual GTA VI and Square-Enix with Final Fantasy XVI.

Sure AAA tends to snub Nintendo alot, but only because Nintendo doesn't have an equivalent powered device and 3rd parties don't want to scale their games to fit Nintendo systems outside any "casual" hits they could have or an external 3rd party tries porting/scaling the AAA game a la Panic Button for Nintendo Switch.

To be honest, Switch isn't that far off as a piece of hardware from supporting 4k. The Tegra X1 can output in 4k and early developer materials for the Switch said the dock supported 4k/30 for multimedia (video) output, which obviously never happened. I'd say there is absolutely no reason a more powerful version of Switch, a 1080p system, can't support 4k. That doesn't mean all, or even most games, will reach that output, in the same way Sony saying PS5 supports 8k doesn't mean a lot of games will ever run a 8k. If a game is running at 1080p on Switch at 60 fps though, and Nintendo is pushing at least double the GPU performance, there is no reason that games like that can't offer 1440/60 and 4k/30 modes, like what happened with PS4 Pro. So many smaller scale games are already hitting 1080p with ease on the system that it would be a waste of the increased performance to not let those few pieces of software support 4k natively. And, for the software that can't reach that target, Nintendo could easily do what Sony did with PS4 Pro and include up-scaling hardware in the system so that games can target 1440p and have a smoother output in 4k. Witcher 3 and games like that obviously won't be going past 1080 but no reason not to support for those that can, at least Mario Kart 8 should be running at 1440.

Of all the predictions here, I'm most likely to trust Serkan Toto's. He has a good background and solid predictions that have come true in the past.

I think a lot of people write off the prediction when they see "4K support" which really doesn't even have to mean that games are running in native 4K. Plenty of systems support resolutions far higher than what they can run games in, the PS5 supporting 8K resolutions being a good example of this. Likely 4K would be for video streaming, and proper upscaling to TVs.

Should be an interesting year.

These analysts just sound like Youtubers making random predictions.

Yep they might as well got the opinions of someone in here...

Yeah, of course it will do better than PS4/ONE next year since they are being faded out for the release of their successors..And those two will only hit stores by the end of the year. Unless SONY and/or MS come with some insane price drops. So it's kind of a given. NExt year thoug will be different I am guessing with the two new beasts out. So yeah, the Switch "Pro" really should release before the the new ones from PS5/NextBox. 4K? Well upscaling and for streaming sure, unsure of that native 4K thing though =) I just wonder how much extra beef the "Pro" will have and how much attention it can grab from 3rd parties.

This year (I can finally say THIS year now) will be interesting for sure.

Now what are Platinum up to...?


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