Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze lead designer may have returned to Retro

What will he be working on

Stephen Dupree, the lead designer of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, left Retro two years ago. He spent those two years at Playful Corp working on New Super Lucky's Tale, but now it seems like his time at that studio has wrapped as well.

Reports have come in stating that Dupree has returned to work at Retro, where he should feel right at home. Besides Tropical Freeze, Dupree worked on Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Kart 7. This time around, Dupree will be serving as a principle game designer, although we don't know what project he's working on.

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Umm hopefully its a 3rd DKC game considering he made two of the best 2D platformers of the decade with Returns and Tropical Freeze and has put Nintendo to complete shame in that regard.

Of course you want a new DKC game, and I wouldn't mind myself, but I also want Retro to work on something else. Best if they could finally work on their own IP, but guess that wont happen any time soon. Thrn again if not all then most resources are poured at MP4 now anyway.

But perhaps they can work on one of the projects they had to drop for MP4 too?

Yes I want a new DK game. DK deserves more games than it gets considering its Nintendo's 5th best selling franchise of all time. During the GCN era all we got were weak spin-offs. When Rare was their we were getting a new DK game every year (multiple if you count the Land games). Obviously game development has changed since then and clearly Retro isnt as big or as capable as Rare were in the 90s. But if DK could get a new game every 3 years instead of going through this 6 year drought were going through now would be great.

But why a DK game every three years when the guys at Retro have many other ideas. And it would perhaps be a bit boring for the devs to just work on one franchise. It's Retro, not The DK Company.

I agree that DKCR and TF are great games. Beyond great in some ways and I would also love a new entry, but I would also love an original game or something Retro haven't worked on yet.

Oh well. Retro game news is probably far off anyway with them probably working their arses of on MP4. Another game we wont see anything of this year...Unless we're lucky to get a teaser trailer.

Do you think that one the games/the game they were working on could have been a new DKC game? Maybe they are big enough to handle that and MP4!.

Fri Jan 03 20 05:03pm
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It's Retro, not The DK Company.

It's another form of the Zelda Cycle. If RETRO makes a new DK, "Why didn't they make a new Metroid?!" or "Why didn't they make a new IP?!" If RETRO makes a new Metroid, "Why didn't they make a new DK?!" or "Why didn't they make a new IP?!" If they actually could make a new IP, the cries would be: "Where's Metroid?!" or "Where's DK?!"

Just like Nintendo, RETRO is damned if they do and damned if they don't. Morton's Fork if you will. Just like any 1st or 2nd party dev studio under Nintendo is caught in. This is why Nintendo ignores us a lot of the time and why RETRO will ignore us too and make the games they want (or get asked to make) or take long breaks they want.

That was taking it a bit out of context. Was replying to our 94DK Mega Fan Smile ANd was implying they should not ONLY make DK games he was almost implying ;)

Again, I wouldn't mind a new DKC game. Not at all, but I wonder what else they can do. But I do agree partially though. At least when looking at the backlash DKC:TF got back when it was shown. Turned out to be a great game and the haters actually loved it (welll, perhaps not all).

Except I wasn't suggesting they should become the DK company Im saying they should be the primary studio for DK like Rare was in the 90's. Rare made a TON of games while still churning out DK. Retro just needs a kick in the pants and more employees. We have gone 6 years without a new game from Retro. They could have easily made a new DKC game using the same engine in that time but instead rumor has it they were working on a New IP that went absolutely no where it got cancelled and then Nintendo put them on Prime 4.

Im sorry but everytime I hear someone say "Retro should make an original IP" I go "really?" How has that worked out for them in the past with Raven Blade, that NFL game they were making, and of course whatever New IP they were working on since late 2013 when Tropical Freeze wrapped development. IMO Retro should just stick with established IP's and reinventing them for a new audience the same way they did for Metroid and DK.

Because they had the talent to make a new and original IP, and how many people whine that Nintendo just keeps on rehashing old IPs? Many! It's not a dangerous thing to test new waters if the money is there. Raven Blade looked like a good idea back then and I still have no idea why it got cancelled really. MP series I am guessing. But as an artist myself I am sure these guys would love to do something fresh, or at least not just DK and Metroid. Experimenting is always a good thing.

YEah, sure, they could make more DKC games and I agree they could have done more in general after TF since we've seen very little (the port to Switch did not take that long, I am sure), but if they have their own dedicated DK team even then they can't reinvent the wheel every time.

If they can work on a brand new 2D Super Mario game, that would be swell.

I would not mind another DK game of course.

I have been playing with the idea of them making a sequel or a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness for several years now. Now that's something I really think they could pull off.

That would be great but I am sure that it is for Metroid Prime 4 =/

I hope I am wrong.

Oh, yeah. It's all coming together.

A few hours ago I was idly thinking about Retro possibly being beefed up to take on multiple projects at once, so this is a nice surprise.

Sat Jan 04 20 01:38am
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My heart says "ooh another Donkey Kong game?! =D "

but my mind says "naaah is for Metroid Prime 4"


Sat Jan 04 20 11:58am
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Come on DKCR3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh he worked on New Super Lucky's Tale? I wonder if that explains why the Switch port is so well optimized and has plenty of really good quality of life changes from the Xbox One original.


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