Nintendo's president picks Pokemon Sword and Shield as his favorite recent release

An excellent choice

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa was forced to play favorites in a recent interview with Nikkei. Mr. Furukawa was asked about his favorite recent Switch release, and he decided to go with Pokemon Sword and Shield. Furukawa has been playing on his Switch Lite, and says he chose the game because he really enjoys collecting characters.


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'I like the games that make us the most money the best.'

his private answer is Nekopara and we all know it

'I like the games that make us the most money the best.'

Ha ha, exactly what I was thinking.

He also said Golf Story was a recent favorite of his back in 2018 when he was named President. God forbid Human Beings like things you don't.

Didn't he once say that his childhood days, he loved the Famicom?

I mean, so what if he like the recent Pokemon game. He's not played Pokemon before has he?

I remember them insiting that he was actually a gamer, even though he is a way more business oriented guy in his background than Iwata was.

As if I needed another reason to dislike this guy.


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