God of War art director gets back to his Smash Bros. Ultimate tribute series with Fox McCloud

We need you, Star Fox!

Last year, God of War art director Raf Grassetti started doing tribute pieces for the roster of Smash Bros. Ultimate. He made a considerable dent in the lineup, but other work got in the way, and Grassetti had to pause his series. Now with 2020 underway, Grassetti is able to return to the tributes, and he kicks things off with Fox McCloud himself.

Grassetti has said that he's going to do the full Star Fox team, and is looking for input on which character he should tackle next. Hit him up on the Instagram comments above and let him know!


Well... it certainly looks nice... but why does he have human proportions?

My guess is that since he uses 3D reference to do these illustrations faster that's why his humanoid characters tend to have big builds and be more human-like.

Awesome o_O
I still have hope that one day we will get a good Starfox game. Zero was not that bad, but we need a Starfox game that respects the arcade and pick up and play roots of the series. That doesn't mean it could not have free roaming levels and different vehicles for example, just that it should not have a control scheme that has such a steep learning curve.

I think it's the same as the Sonic conundrum, it's just harder to make vast open spaces you cross in the span of 3-5 minutes. Also the sales not give that confidence to try that again.

I think they will continue to experiment to evolve the series with weird experiments. I think maybe what you say could work if maybe the multiplayer was more deep to justify a short single player campaign. I think.

These headlines are increasingly looking like "God Of War Staff Missing Gainful Employment, Send Subtle Hints to Nintendo To Hire Them"

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