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My Arcade's Super Retro Champ lets you play SNES and Genesis games on the go

by rawmeatcowboy
06 January 2020
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Looking for yet another way to make your SNES portable? My Arcade thinks they have the solution with their Super Retro Champ, which lets you play both SNES and Genesis carts on the go.

The Super Retro Champ will give you 5 hours of play on a single battery charge, and can be connected to a TV over HDMI for some big-screen play. You can even grab a second player for TV mode and have them join in with one of the two included wireless controllers.

The Super Retro Champ is set to release sometime later in 2020, and it's carrying a $110 price tag. If you absolute have to play your SNES carts while out and about, this might be one of the nicest ways to do so.