Hideki Kamiya assures that Bayonetta 3 development is "progressing very smoothly"

We need to stay patient

In this weeks issue of Weekly Famitsu, Mr. Kamiya has told us yet again that "Bayonetta 3 development is progressing very smoothly." He wants to assure worried fans that things are going well, and to stay patient. Bayonetta 3 was initially unveiled at The Game Awards 2017, and no info has been released since then. Check out exactly what Hideki Kamiya had to say below, translated by JapaneseNintendo!

First of all regarding Bayonetta 3, there hasn’t been any new information at all ever since the first reveal so I feel like a lot of people are getting worried about it, but the inspection for new systems is going well, and the development is also progressing very smoothly, so please rest assured and wait for it. There are also many other interesting things I want to talk about, but it’s a super secret so I can’t say.


I wonder if it'll ditch the level select for interconnected areas. I think that's an aspect that could be troublesome to nail down.

I've been watching Gamexplain LoS2 streams and I think interconnected sections could possibly work in Bayonetta, and add more of a sense of place. It also shows spectacle wouldn't be limited since that game still has good looking boss battles despite not be level based.

Wed Jan 08 20 12:29pm
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Wonder how bored Platinum must be from all the whining fans. "It's cancelled. Kamiya and co are just liars..."
boohoo. Just eait for it, people. Bayonetta is their special child after all and they will do all theycan for the game's perfection.


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