Digital Foundry ponders what other Wii U games would make sense to port to Switch

What are your picks?

There are only a few remaining Wii U games to not get a Switch port - but they're massive. Super Mario 3D World, Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, and even The Wonderful 101 are left out. And yet, there are reports circulating off several unannounced Wii U classics making such a jump to newer hardware. Tom shows how, in theory, each looks enhanced through emulation.

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Do we really need more?
I recently watched Nintendo's E3 2011 conference where they hyped the heck out of the GamePad and how it will change the way we play. By porting more and more of those games to Switch they basically admit it was all fluff and the games are perfectly playable without it.

Thu Jan 09 20 06:40pm
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Yeah, even Nintendo rarely made good use of what it could offer so it's pretty much that, extra fluff.

Give me 3D world already! Such a blast in multiplayer!

Other then that I'd take Xenoblade X, as I never got around to that in the WiiU era.

I would love to see the prime trilogy brought over. Make all 3 1080P 60 FPS polish up some textures and pure gold. I’d also like for them to do something with eternal darkness lol


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