IGN may have offered up a hint on one of the two rumored Wii U ports to Switch

What do you think?

Let's play a little bit of catch-up here, shall we? Longtime rumor supplier Emily Rogers recently hinted at two more Wii U ports lined up for the Switch. No specifics were given on those games, and obviously Nintendo isn't talking about this in any way, shape, or form.

On the most recent episode of the IGN NVC podcast, Peer Schneider talks about those rumored ports, and gives a bit more detail about one of the games in particular. You can check out the discussion at 1:01:07 above, or read the blurb below.

The secret Wii U ports that are being discussed...one of them is a 9 out of 10 for me, and one of them is more of a 6 out of 10. ...I really liked what Nintendo did with their take on real-time strategy games.

It certainly seems like Peer is not only confirming Rogers' rumor, but going further by providing the genre for one game. I don't know about you, but an RTS from Nintendo that was on the Wii U certainly sounds like Pikmin 3 to me. Do you have any other guesses?

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Thu Jan 09 20 11:42pm
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Well, it now 100% is confirmed to be Pikmin 3.
As for the last one... yikes. There were many 6 out of 10 games on the Switch.

I can't imagine it being Game & Wario, Nintendo Land nor Kirby & the Rainbow Course due to several compatibility issues.
And if the rating is a 6... it can't be Xenoblade Chronicles X nor Super Mario 3d World, unless Peer has really awful taste.
Only things that come to my mind:

-Paper Mario: Color Splash... it's a really charming game (despite of the generic Toad designs), but it's simple RPG mechanics were completely destroyed by the Gamepad. Nintendo must have balls if they really want to double dip on this game.

-Star Fox Zero.... although Miyamoto himself has recognized before that this game was a failure. (Not directly, he just implied it by saying the next entry will need a lot more strict quality control). Being able to play it without the gamepad, improving the graphics a lot and adding hundreds of bonus missions + an online mode C O U L D save this game, just the same way Mario Tennis Aces saved Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

-Wonderful 101. I know, it's not worthy of a 6... I ADORE this game. It's amazing, it's probably one of my favorite games ever. But... many reviewers hated it, dunno why. Maybe the tutorial was a bit messy? I just know this game isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Can't imagine anything else. For me, Wonderful 101 is the safest choice, but Nintendo sometimes can be crazy enough to try porting Star Fox Zero and Color Splash.

-Wonderful 101. I know, it's not worthy of a 6... I ADORE this game. It's amazing, it's probably one of my favorite games ever. But... many reviewers hated it, dunno why. Maybe the tutorial was a bit messy? I just know this game isn't everyone's cup of tea.

What?! Seriously?! Sure it wasn't perfect, but that game was so awesome!

I don't know, the first 2 Pikmin games were 9 to 10 territory. The 3rd one I didn't like as much, but I wouldn't put it as low as 6, maybe 7.5 to 8. I'm kind of hoping he would though so it would be Super Mario 3D world, because that is the only port I would repurchase. Anything else I am content just playing on my WiiU. Or, I guess I could hope he does have that bad of taste.

Fri Jan 10 20 05:53am
(Updated 1 time)

I can\t see SF0 being it since it\s so heavily built around the gamepad they would have to do a lot of work and the game just wouldn't be the same without it. And yeah, I am one of those who loved the game with the use of the gamepad.

XCX and TW101 might not need the GP, but would really be "empty" without it and would also need extra work...

Now, 3D world is would be easy peasy a port and would work on Switch without much effort. Same with Pikmin 3, but I would rather they make Pikmin 4..But hey! Can't win 'em all.

I really have to get back and replay SF0 though. There are still a couple of hidden routes I have to discover =)

P.S: They could also make some HD Wii ports. Not just Ninty though. MadWorld would be great in HD, for example.

rainbow curse is way better than a 6/10 tbh, honestly the only good kirby game we've gotten in years among the slew of return to dream land clones, hella underrated and definitely doesn't deserve to be ranked among stinkers like game & wario or color splash

I insist, Color Splash is not a stinker. It's a great game...... with gruesome controls.

I would hope they're XCX and... probably Pikmin 3? I feel like Pikmin will inevitably make its way over. I'm still holding out hope that one day, Nintendo will figure out how to port Nintendo Land, or just give us a sequel/remake.

I sure hope one of them is a port of Super Mario 3D World. It would be the perfect time to release that game for Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary.

Pikmin 3 is the 6 out of 10. 3d world is the 9 out of 10

Devil's Third, Devil's Third, Devil's Third!

It did take some Real Time Strategy in Sieges XD though does say Nintendos take... and I doubt Itagaki would even be interested considering how Reggie and team managed DT... the review sessions were a whatever scenario and on the Nintendo Downloads PRs not only was DT not a big mention like other Nintendo published titles it wasnt even a Secondary Blurb, but was relegated to the Tertiary "Others" list...

A friend of mine is busy developing a fairly similar title and is about 75% done. Although its heading to Mobile first because its cost effective for him. Then STEAM and Switch next year if not this Holiday.

I hope the best for your friends game, if it can recreate the online experience of Devil's Third in the slightest way I'd be interested. I know devil's Third is probably the longest shot considering the deck against it but I had so much fun with the game, online and campaign, I wish more people could experience it, there's some pretty remarkable action sequences later in the game. Originally Itagaki had envisioned a Trilogy but there's no way that's gonna happen.

Yup exactly it was such a fun experience. It was just too bad Nintendo were so ignorant about online. I'm sure more people would have bought it if they prepared a better experience for the Online portion instead of the sparse matches because they couldnt be ::you know:: to schedule sessions for Reviewers plus I think it was Physical only and GameStop exclusive too right (been awhile lol)? If not I do remember at least though that the Physical version was nearly impossible to find because Nintendo just left it to die even before launch...

A year ago I was campaigning to see if I could convince someone to port DT or even DTO to Switch after how surprised many people how much more the Switch ports were selling than their Wii U versions did previously, but like I said I think Itagaki might feel betrayed by Nintendo and their treatment of DT...

Normally, Nintendo doesn't port many Mario games but they would be stupid not to port 3d world after giving Bros u a chance.

Fri Jan 10 20 05:40am
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IMO Wii U had a ton of 6/10 games. Nintendo Land, Game & Wario, Twilight Princess HD, Kirby & the Rainbow Curse, Pokemon Rumble U, Star Fox Zero (more like a 5/10), Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (3/10), Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival (2/10), Smash Bros. Wii U, New Mario Bros. U, Pokken Tournament, Paper Mario Color Splash, Mario Party 10.

I will never get why people look back on the Wii U's software so fondly. I always felt it was the weakest of Nintendo's line-up from a quality perspective. The only true GREAT games IMO were Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Captain Toad, Wooly World, Mario Maker, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Xenoblade X, and Breath of the Wild (but honestly since it came out on Switch the same day most people dont even view this game as a Wii U title). Wii U was an extremely mixed bag IMO and IMO besides Pikmin 3, Xenoblade X, and 3D World the best stuff has already gotten ported to switch or got enhanced better sequels.

I feel that list of great games is longer than for most consoles. Granted, I have a few more on my personal list, but still. And apart from Pikmin, Xenoblade and 3D World, other good options for ports are definitely Wonderful 101 and NES Remix.

If we go by exclusives on consoles what games did the PS4 and Xbox One have better then the Wii U during its lifetime?

I don't know about better, but there were certainly great games on PS4 and Xbox One that weren't on the Wii U.

I actually think a Switch re-release is a great opportunity to fix some of Star Fox Zero's problems. Whether or not Nintendo actually cares to do that is the question, though.

And I'd love to see Pikmin 3 get more attention, if that's one of them. But I'm really mostly excited for a Pikmin 4.

SF0 would need a lot of work arounds for on-gamepad features I just don't think it would be worth it. THe game would be pretty fifferent in amny ways. Wouldn't feel like the same game. Same with Zelda:SS and motion+. I mean, only Nintendo Land would be more pointless, really. I just can't see SF0 being ported. They'll probably port something that earns them money anyway.

Give me Wii HD Ports with loads of extras instead. We have enough Wii U ports now. MadWorld, Zelda:SS, (if somehow possible on Switch) Red Steel 2, HOTD: Overkill etc... Those gems could need an HD trwatment =)

Pikmin 3 would be the only Wii U port I truly care about.


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