More games hit Switch in 2019 than PS4 and Xbox One combined

A huge year for Switch

NPD analyst and all-around good guy Mat Piscatella has put together some interesting information on the Switch in 2019. According to his calculations, over 1,480 new Switch titles were tracked by NPD in 2019, which is 400 more new titles than the PS4 and Xbox One got in 2019...combined. That shows you just how many devs are flocking to the platform.

Piscatella went a step further and compared the Switch game data to Wii, and you can see just how much more there is to experience on Wii. Obviously that has a lot to do with digitally being a fully-fledged option on Switch, but it's still impressive.

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Fri Jan 10 20 09:28pm
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and EA is still not sure if Switch is going to be popular enough to support it

Okay, that's actually really surprising to me.

Nintendo really has launched a successful console this generation.

Until the Xbox series X and PS5 launches and 3rd party drops because it'd be way harder to port games. Maybe it won't happen but I feel like it might be an issue.

That could very well happen. It makes me eager to see what becomes of the new Switch rumors.

Fri Jan 10 20 05:26pm
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People are going to bring up the stupid "Quality > Quantity" argument, but the thing is, the Switch has still had a great year for quality titles. I would say that on average there is one new game per week that I would highly recommend on Switch, if not, more.

Comparatively to any other Nintendo system, the Switch is going to be the only console that I know, by the end of it's life, I'm only going to be able to scratch the surface of all the worthwhile games to play on the console; even though I'm playing more games than I ever had.

I was thinking is more of an issue of those other consoles winding down and going into a new generation this year. Shovelware has always been a thing on every system.

People are going to bring up the stupid "Quality > Quantity" argument

imo, it's a fair argument. Having a touch screen on Switch is a blessing and a curse. A curse in that it makes small time devs more eager to port their crappy mobile games over. It also makes it harder to navigate through the trash in the eShop, especially because Nintendo doesn't let us rate games after we've played them so we can steer others away from the really sucky games.

Fri Jan 10 20 09:28pm
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and EA is still not sure if Switch is going to be popular enough to support it

I think EA is still salty that their plan to ruin Nintendo the way they did Sega didn't have any effect.

The thing with Switch unlike the Wii which also got a ton of games every year, is that Switch isnt getting as much Shovelware. Switch is getting actual quality software from indies, 3rd parties, and Nintendo themselves. The problem is most of the stuff coming to Switch is either ports and remakes. Quality ports and remakes (well as quality as they can be running on a handheld device) but the Switch is still lacking in brand new or exclusive 3rd party software.

That being said Switch's library will probably go down as some of the best Nintendo has ever had since the SNES days. Who ever thought you would get big 3rd party games like Doom, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein 2, Skyrim, Witcher 3, LA Noire, Hellblade, and countless others on a Nintendo platform. Hell Microsoft is even supporting Switch with Cuphead, Ori & the Blind Forest, and New Super Lucky's Tale.

"the Nintendo Switch has no games"

yeah, right.


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