Pokémon Center NY's Event Distribution Machine Found & Preserved

A piece of Nintendo history

Back in the day, Nintendo NY was actually a Pokemon Center. That Pokemon Center was eventually closed down to make more room for Nintendo in general. Many elements of the old Pokemon Center have been lost to time, but one feature lives on today. The center's event distribution machine was almost scrapped, but has somehow survived to this very day! Check out the time capsule in action above.

Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!

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'it was just in a box out back. Terry was sitting on it.'

For real, I thought I was crazy! I remember when the internet was young, and I found out there was a Pokémon Center NY. I dreamed of going! Not until 2016 was I able to go, but of course it's the Nintendo store now.

I thought that maybe I imagined everything, but when I got there the door handles are Pokéball shaped and I thought that maybe I wasn't crazy haha

But now I know for a fact that it really existing. I still wish I could've gone when it was just a PC.


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