NES finds a second life as a retro Switch dock

Switch, meet your great, great, great, great grandfather

via Gfycat

I have three old NES systems in my basement. One of them is hooked up to a TV, another is sitting in standby incase something happens to the first unit, and the third is the most finicky by far. It really doesn't work all that well anymore, but I haven't had the heart to get rid of it. Looks like I know what to do with it now!

While we couldn't find who the original creator is, we still want to show off their amazing creation. For whatever reason, they decided to take an old NES and thrown in some Switch dock guts, and then cut a hole in the top to turn it into a retro Switch dock! I'd love to know if this thing still functions as an NES, because then it's the best of both worlds!

Thanks to Deux for the heads up!

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Yeah but its no nintoaster.


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