Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers opening animation released

Absolutely gorgeous

As promised, Atlus has uploaded the opening animation for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers to their official YouTube channel. Not surprisingly, the intro is absolutely gorgeous and full of style. Check out the 2-minute feature above!


If Persona 5 was on Switch I'd be hyped for this.

I'm with you. The fact that we only get spin-offs and not the mainline games bums me out.

Which is weird when you remember Persona itself is a spin-off of SMT. Traditionally SMT is always on Nintendo consoles while Persona is generally Sony exclusive, but spin-offs follow no such rules. SMTV is still on the way but the question now is "when?" It's actually reminding me a lot of when Persona 5 was in development and originally they said 2014 but it instead took until 2017 for it to come out.

Honestly don't just underestimate this title just because it's a "spinoff". Based on some of the earlier trailers, they essentially joked it was Persona 5-2.

It basically looks like a full fledged action RPG.

I agree having P5 on Switch would be nice though

drew ciccotelli
Sun Jan 12 20 12:05pm
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Some of the best games have been spin offs from larger games and IPs. A little game called Donkey Kong Country comes to mind.

If it is "Persona 5-2", then it brings up one of two problems:

  1. It spoils everything that happened in Persona 5.
  2. The story is left with huge holes in it as it assumes you played Persona 5 and doesn't explain anything.

The music alone makes me want o play P5. This not so much, but it sure is on my radar.

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