Nintendo's 2020 recruitment pamphlet features numerous Nintendo characters, including Wart!

Finally, Wart gets some love!

Nintendo's 2020 recruitment pamphlet features some fancy artwork showcasing various Nintendo characters. You get the usual suspects like Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and more, but of real note is the inclusion of Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2! Wart hardly ever gets any love from Nintendo, especially in the last couple of decades. Why they decided to include Wart in this pamphlet is beyond me, but I'm so happy they did! I sure hope it means we're going to see more of the character moving forward.

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So I guess Daisy has a direct phone connection into Mario's nightmares.

So they can add Pauline and Wart to a recruitment pamphlet... but not to Mario Kart or any other Mario spinoff... yep, that makes sense...

Pauline is in Mario Kart Tour so she's pretty much a lock for Mario Kart 9 (or 10 if you count Tour as 9).

Sun Jan 12 20 05:19pm
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She's in the tennis game, too.

I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.

Confirmed, Wart is in Smash.

This is cute and all, but until these characters are featured in a mainline Mario game prominently again I wouldn't put much stock into it. It does however go to show how Miyamoto's influence on the series is starting to wane over time.

Daisy should somehow get back to the main Mario games. She had the chance to be in Odyssey but alas...

Meanwhile, that artstyle is deep and makes me wonder who in Nintendo is doing it. I'm certain that it can't be Yoichi Kotabe now that he's getting old.

Looking at this theme park thing and I see that she gets a wrist band to represent her along with all the other "main" characters and... Daisy occupies such a weird place in the Mario canon, somehow being both very important and also very unimportant.

I know right. Its almost like Daisy was a mistake at Nintendo and just made her up with little effort. I would have like Sarasaland to be in SMO instead of Sand Kingdom imo.


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