Rogue One: A Star Wars Story writer wants to pen a Star Fox animated movie

Please let this happen somehow...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was very highly regarded by Star Wars fans, giving writer Gary Whitta quite a following. Many are eager to see what Whitta does next, and if he has things his way, he'll be helming a Star Fox animated feature.

God of War Art Director Raf Grassetti has been paying tribute to the Star Fox series lately with multiple pieces of art featuring the Star Fox Team. Those tributes caught the eye of Whitta, who took to Twitter to state that he wants to write the animated movie based on those depictions.

Obviously Grassetti is on board with the idea. Now all that needs to happen is approval from Nintendo...which sadly will likely never happen. Oh well, at least there's some big-name interest out there!

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Since Rogue One has been the only good Star Wars movie in recent years (in my opinion) I’d welcome this.

Finally someone that agrees with me! Rogue One was the real shot in the arm Star Wars needed. I'd be more than thrilled to have the writer be part of Star Fox.

I'm with you on the Rogue One sentiments, though I think it could have had more memorable characters. It's the only Disney Star Wars that has a fully coherent story.

They literally couldn't make a direct sequel. 😉

It really is the only good thing Disney has done with Star Wars... isn't it?

I still maintain Force Awakens is pretty good even if it does feel like a soft remake of A New Hope. I think had the movies been handled either solely by Abrams or Johnson from the beginning the sequel trilogy at least would have felt more cohesive narrative wise, because even with the problems with the Prequels you could at least tell Lucas was the main driving force behind the whole thing, while the Sequel trilogy seems conflicted on what to keep consistent. I'd say Abrams would have been good for the trilogy as it would have been a case of "familiar sure but t least consistently fun," while Johnson really should have been given a "Star Wars Story" project like Rogue One because if you check out the movies Johnson has done that are standalones and not sandwiched between two other films the dude makes really good stuff (for example check out Looper and Knives Out).

If JJ or Rian or anyone took all three movies it would have been better than what we got which feels like 3 random movies that happen to be set in the Star Wars Galaxy. The Rise of Skywalker is worst of them all imo Smile

The Mandalorian is also good.

Rouge One is epic! If this can happen, I’ll pay years in advance to go see a Star Fox movie, whether I’m going alone or with a squad! Lol

I'd love to see this happen too, though I wonder about the viability of a space movie with talking animal characters. We Nintendo fans would potentially love it, but I don't know how you get your average movie-viewer to the theater for that.

I think its best chances are as an animated movie made by one of Japan's high-profile studios, and sent direct-to-video or streaming service.

Alternatively it could go to a Western CGI animation studio for a theatrical release (like the upcoming Mario movie from Illumination) but I don't suspect it would have much more success than the Ratchet and Clank movie did.

Rouge One: A Star Fox Story
Star Fox Episode 1: The Cornerian Menace
Star Fox Episode 2: Attack of the Aparoids
Star Fox Episode 3: Revenge of Star Wolf
Star Fox Episode 4: A New Hope
Star Fox Episode 5: Andross Strikes Back
Star Fox Episode 6: Return of the Gyrowing
Star Fox Episode 7: The Fox Awakens
Star Fox Episode 8: The Last Gyrowing
Star Fox Episode 9: The Rise of McCloud
Falco: A Star Wars Story

Don't push your luck so hard. You and I know Nintendo won't make it happen unless Star Fox is major enough.


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