Skies of Arcadia dev still hoping to make a sequel

Will it ever happen?

A number of developers who worked on Skies of Arcadia have been saying for years that they want to work on a sequel. You can add developer Kenji Hiruta to that list. Hiruta worked on the original game's maps, and he's still hungry to work on a follow-up. When a fan reached out to Hiruta on Twitter about working on a sequel, he said he has strong interest in doing so. Hopefully the powers that be are listening and start working towards making this happen.

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This is my personal favorite JRPG even if I know it's far from the best objectively speaking. I really love the world and characters and would have been excited to see more adventures with them or their descendants along with some improvements to the battle mechanics.

I gave up on dreaming about a sequel about when Sammy bought out Sega, but if the original developers still want to do it and friggin' Shenmue III could happen... Maybe one day?

I'm surprised they never ported the original to the 3DS or PSP or... something. They really should release it digitally on modern consoles at least and gauge whether or not there's enough interest to greenlight a sequel.

Mon Jan 13 20 06:12pm
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Skies of Arcadia was wonderful. A sequel at this point though? They'd probably be better off releasing an HD remake of Skies first. Otherwise a sequel would mostly go unnoticed - because I'm sure the people who remember Skies are few and far between.

A digital HD remaster seems like a no brainer to me. It'd definitely sell well enough to be profitable and could possibly respark interest in the series. Skies still holds up really well.

Skies of Arcadia is one of my top 3 RPGs of all time (the other 2 being Final Fantasy 6 and Xenoblade Chronicles).

An HD remaster needs to happen first, and it's desperately needed. There is no definitive version of Skies of Arcadia, because the GCN version has butchered audio. So you either choose a great soundtrack with the Dreamcast version and miss out on the GCN version's additions, or go with the GCN version and miss out on the Dreamcast version's superior audio. Pick your poison.

And really, it's just criminal that there is no way to play this game on any modern platform. It's infuriating how poorly Sega has treated this game over the years.

Considering it was made on a console that did poorly then ported to GameCube which also did poorly I can understand why they havent been dying to port it again but with the Switch success and the increased demand for older games I don't see why a port wouldnt work now.

Mon Jan 13 20 08:17pm
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What is the ages of the main cast?
Will it be better if they retain their age or could it work if they make them a bit older.

EDIT: Maybe if it's subtle like how the characters changed in Megaman Legends from 1 to 2.

We really need an HD remaster of the original first (more specifically based on the Gamecube version since it had quality of life improvements over the Dreamcast original). A big reason I say this is because I unfortunately missed out on this game back in the day and secondhand copies at a decent price are hard to find.

Yes please, the first game was amazing on the Gamecube.

Nintendo would be smart to get the original developers to do an HD revamp of the game for the switch from the ground up. Get with SEGA and fund the title so it can happen. Once an HD remake happens then they can decide if a sequel would be worth it.

Its a little too late for a sequel at this rate when you consider that the original hasn't even been considered for a modern port.

If they (random encounter) ever (random encounter) make a sequel (random encounter) to this I hope they (random encounter) (random encounter) change the encounter (random encounter) rate.

Or at least have the enemies show up on the overworld map. :<

Tue Jan 14 20 04:11am
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I've never understood the complaints about the random battle frequency. Seems higher in the Final Fantasy series to me. I was always wondering if my copy was glitched with a lower frequency or something because it seems about right. Never an issue. Then they did lower it in the GameCube version anyway.


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