Universal Studios Japan releases a 'Super Nintendo World' promo video

I think I'm gonna cry!

The Super Nintendo World news is flying in fast and furious tonight, and it comes with a special promo video put together by Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan. This gives us our best look yet at what to expect from the park, and it's sure to get any fan's blood pumping! You can also check out the version Nintendo of America uploaded to their YouTube channel below

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That was neat. Full of nonsense and told me next to nothing about the actual park experience, but at least the video was fun.

Mon Jan 13 20 11:20pm
Rating: 2

It's obviously Nintendo's answer to the battle Royale craze:
They let 100 people into the park at once and let them stampede around as Marios, first one to grab the flagpole wins.

But right now its only opening in Japan right? I mean, it will take them very long for them to release the park elsewhere.

I believe Orlando would be the last to get it and the last estimate I saw was 2023 because they greatly increased the plans for that particular area. It may seem like much, but they have A LOT to build.

Looks like they may be doing a bit of a Pokemon Go style game with all of Nintendo's Mario stuff as the theme here, as well as all the park stuff.

I wish you could see this Iwata and Yamauchi.

Yeah...they would have never thought a theme park of Nintendo could happen.

I mean imagine what Hiroshi Yamauchi would have felt knowing that case back then.

Nintendo's current ad firm can be a little confusing. My sister complained that a lot of their ads are deceiving. Take for example this commercial, it's totally exagerated and we don't get a real feel for what the real experience is like..

I'm used to these kind of ads and even I am confused at this point..


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