Masahiro Sakurai will reveal Smash Ultimate's Fighter 5 in a 35-minute presentation on 1/16/20


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Tue Jan 14 20 09:22am
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So I guess, the direct that I want is in another castle, huh?

Oh boy Geno, here we come.

Tue Jan 14 20 09:22am
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So I guess, the direct that I want is in another castle, huh?

oh you funny bunny, you Smile

With this and the Pokemon Direct the dream of an actual Nintendo Direct has just died. I guess Animal Crossing really is the only major 1st party release until June/July. *sigh* I love Animal Crossing but Nintendo really needs to start filling in the rest of the year and not just cram everything into the last 6 months like last year or worse we could get another 2018 situation where we got nothing substantial other than Smash..

Anyway for the topic at hand its probably Dante from Devil May Cry.

A direct can happen this month or next. I wouldn't expect anything major before animal crossing, even though we did get the surprise pokemon mystery dungeon remake.

They'll announce a June game, but my big hope is that Xenoblade releases between March and June.

Directs often happen in February, too!

cheesus 2
Tue Jan 14 20 11:08am
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How does this deconfirm a direct? Wasnt there a 30 minute Smash Direct follow up after the direct that revealed Hero?

Yeah, directs don't always link to Smash reveals. Plus all the leaks popping up mean something is coming soon.

Some people juat like beinh negative on social media. Some even think they look rral cool when.they do it.

Nintendo is in no state to let the Switch fade away now so I am sure we'll get a "news Direct" soon enough.

Tue Jan 14 20 09:45am
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Come on Wonder Red let’s make this happen...

Tue Jan 14 20 10:36am
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Travis Touchdown. If not Thursday, then soon before or after NMH3 is released.

Tue Jan 14 20 11:17am
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If it happened would the stage be the Santa Destroy Motel? Or would they make it like Wooly World and use a new environment, like that alien ship?

EDIT: Also considering each stage has had a gimmick so far.

Come on generic Japanese fighter number 5!

Tue Jan 14 20 11:26am
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Yes, "Banjo Kazooie" is such a generic Japanese character.

Tue Jan 14 20 12:04pm
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We need a generic military western hero to even the balance.

Just want a suprise, a wild card character like Game and Watch and ROB. I just don't want another big name character that has little to do with Nintendo.

I believe this fighting pass was that, and the upcoming one is very likely it'll be just Nintendo characters. At the same time they'll need to dig deep since it's not just characters but also music and a stage.

Doubt that pretty sure the next set of characters will also be 3rd party. Considering Sakurai during the Terry presentation said he wants to continue to span different game worlds in Smash or something like that. Cant really do that if you're adding lets say another Pokemon or Fire Emblem character.

Tue Jan 14 20 12:04pm
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I guess Nintendo really has no games until the summer. /s

6 am, oof. For once I am jealous of Europe.

I’m placing my bet on Minecraft Steve. If not in this pass then in the next round of DLC (which might be more likely since we already got Banjo). It’s not the fighter I want the most but it makes the most sense considering Minecraft is one of the most popular and influential games of the past decade, has a strong presence on Nintendo systems, and is popular in both the West and Japan.

keDirect and now a smash direct the next full Direct will have much more time to show new games Smile

I hope it's Travis Touchdown.
The Space Invaders would be great, too.


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