Jim Power in Lost Dimension Kickstarter aiming to bring the game to NES and more

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Jim Power is a shoot'em up game similar to Mega Man, Turrican, Contra and the like. There is a bit of a split story of the game, as two different versions were made that share the same enemies, bosses, level designs, and soundtrack. In Jim Power Mutant Planet, Jim Power is sort of John MClane type detective, which is called in to rescue the president's daughter who has been captured by an evil monster and taken to Mutant Planet. In Jim Power in Lost Dimension, which portrays Jim Power as an Intergalactic Soldier, Jim travels to a 5th dimension to stop an evil monster called Vaprak from invading and destroying earth.

This Kickstarter campaign will offer 5 different physical versions of Jim Power, they all will be available on day one!

Jim Power In The Lost Dimension for NES - Developed from scratch port by our team.

Jim Power in The Lost Dimension for Sega Genesis - Unreleased game fully playable.

Jim Power in The Lost Dimension for SNES - A reworked version of the original SNES version. This version has a lot of improvements and polishing. For example, the dizzy inverted parallax scroll is removed. Also, the game features a hit system, which balances the difficulty of the game. Other additions, like level screens, and different endings have been included on this version.

Jim Power Mutant Planet for Amiga CD32 - A Conversion of the Amiga version for the Amiga CD32 console. This version will feature the TurboGrafx Soundtrack (as it is CD quality music). It will also include the DOS version for you to plan on your Windows computer.

Jim Power Mutant Planet for TurboGrafx CD - A Japan Exclusive PC Engine game, finally available worldwide.

Check out the Kickstarter here

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