NPD data for Dec. 2019, full year 2019, and the last decade (Switch the best-selling hardware of 2019)

A mega year for Switch

Well here it is, the big NPD round-up for the end of the year! All the sales data you could want. Check out how things went in December 2019, the full year, and the last decade!

December 2019

- Total Video Game Sales: $2.984b
- Video Games Hardware: $973m
- PC & Video Games Software: $1,141m
- Video Games Accessories & Game Cards: $869m
- half of December’s top 20 best-selling games were published by Nintendo
- Luigi’s Mansion 3 finished as December’s fifth best-selling title overall
- Luigi's Mansion 3 ended 2019 as the fourth best-selling title of the year on Switch
- Switch was the best-selling hardware of the month

Full year 2019

- Switch was the best-selling hardware for 2019

The last decade

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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All I see is Call of Duty

Just one boring shooter after another.

So... Mario Kart 8 is the 10th best selling game of 2019 in the US
It's a game from 2017 that is a Deluxe version of a game from 2014. That is insane!

Yea, that and Zelda consistently popping up in the top 20 every month too reminds everyone why they have no need to drop the price of their evergreen titles.

That is true. I think the first line of Nintendo Selects on Switch should be stuff like Hyrule Warriors, Tropical Freeze, ARMS, Captain Toad (+ DLC), among others which sold well, but are not evergreen.

It's extremely impressive that 7 of the 10 CoD games released in the last ten years are in the top 10 best selling for the decade. That said, Ghosts? I mean, I know it arrived earlier in the generation, giving it more time on market, but really??

Also, maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but kind of surprised RDR2 sold as well as it did. Guess the marketing did its job.

Thu Jan 16 20 07:48pm
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And my Switch just "died". It just stopped working after I put it in the dock while turned of. Any ideas what it can be?

Good thing I have shitloads of consoles and games, but still...

EDIT: NEvermind! Got it to work aagin, but damn that was weird!

On-topic: Great for Nintendo for now. =)

So glad your switch works again. Same thing happened to me, It just stopped and I couldn't get it back, I was so sad but after letting it alone for a while It just turned right back on and I was the happiest man.

Well thanks, Drew. Had just played a little PuyoTetris, turned it off (sleep mode) and put it back in the dock and wanted to try out a new game and it was just "dead" for some reason. Didn't even want to "hard" restart (holding in the power button)... But after a while it was friends again. Maybe I'll just keep it in the dock as usual from now on haha. Oh well. All is good now, but jeez... Made me think what it would be like if it truly died on me,

8 gun games in the best of 2010s list, one open world game (worthy of the spot from how well made it is), and an indie that exploded like nothing else before. Kinda sad how lacking in variety that best seller list is...

Are you calling RDR2 a gun game or GTAV? Because they're both games with lots of gunplay and open-world games.

Now that I mention it, I wonder if MK8 Wii U + Deluxe combined would crack the top ten if the sales were combined.

How the hell is breath of the wild selling still and not super Mario Odyssey?

Odyssey is doing just fine (was high up on the eShop charts just a week or so ago) it's just that BotW had a very, very good Black Friday and a pretty good holiday season overall.

I'm still baffled that GTA5 is not on the Switch. I understand it's a very CPU based game, but I am sure it could be ported. One of the best selling games on one of the best selling platforms.....


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