Bioshock: The Collection rated for Switch in Korea

Pretend to be shocked when this one is announced

Still not convinced that Bioshock: The Collection is coming to Switch? Perhaps today's news will finally push you over the edge.

In the last week, we've had not one, but two different reasons to believe that Bioshock: The Collection was coming to Switch. First up, we saw a rating for the game appear on the Taiwanese ratings board. Following that, a rating for a Switch version also popped up on the Brazilian ratings board. Now today, we can add a Korean listing for the Switch version into the mix.

This one isn't a question of if, but rather when. That rumored Nintendo Direct sure would be a nice place to announce this!

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This is not a hard thing to believe. These games were made for 360 and ps3. The hard to believe but still happened was Witcher 3 and the new doom games. When another publisher is ready to play current gen titles I will find it hard to believe but want to anyway. These is just ok.

How likely is it that this will be another case of 1 game on the cartridge and the others are download codes?

It depends upon whether or not this is the game Nintendo was planning to use the new 64gb cards for.

If this is one SKU, it'll only be that way if the game is way too big. If it's multiple icons/games in ones, it's almost 100% the case unless the sizes are small. Such is the nature of using the format nintendo picked

Depends, really. The costs of carts are going down, more devs might seem to follow CDRed's example (at least with the Metro games) and rumours have ot that Ninty will be using 64GB carts spon... which fuels the cheaper carts thing... And the porters know better now to compress ports to Switch than before.

Just a train of thoughts...

Fri Jan 17 20 04:08pm
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what rumored Nintendo Direct?

Seems like a guess on forums turned rumour. But ot would make sense to have a Direct soon. One with no Pokemon nor Smash news, obviously, where they can focus on news on some titles and new ones.

They should at least to keep the momentum going.

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