Team behind Ni no Kuni's Switch port believes the platform will continue to do well after PS5/Xbox Series X launch

Long live the king!

Many people are eager to see just how the Switch holds its own once next-gen competition from Sony and Microsoft hits the market. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming out in 2020, and devs are lining up experiences as we speak. Does that mean Switch support will fade away? According to a NintendoEverything interview with Engine Software VP of development Ruud van de Moosdijk, that won't be the case.

“In my opinion the Nintendo Switch, like the Wii before, exists in its own dimension of the market and will continue to do well even when the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are released. As so many times before Nintendo’s consoles have just their own uniqueness that doesn’t depend on having the fastest processor or the largest memory. That’s why I always have to smile when I hear someone say Nintendo is done.”

Engine Software are certainly in a position to discuss the Switch's potential, having worked on ports like Ni no Kuni and Into the Breach. Hopefully they'll have their hands on even more Switch offerings as the years roll on.

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Sat Jan 18 20 05:57am
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Oh, the team that didn't port the enhanced version but the not as good original?

To be fair as much as I hate switch ports that cheap out on lower framerates and whatnot like Doom/Wolf II, Ni No Kuni was basically only remastered in the sense that it got a resolution bump and other visual tweaks. If Switch didn't do those, then it's more fair to just label it as the original since it works great as a port of such. They should have done that with dark souls too since they didn't try to get 60FPS on that one... And ruined the sound.

And here I thought they added some quality of life changes to the remastered version. I remember reading something about this, but I guess it was just a rumor.

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one, Ruud. Times are changing.

But I'm sure Nintendo has a good trick ip their sleeve... Ehatever that may be.

Sat Jan 18 20 08:40am
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I don't know...there is some truth behind it. DS, 3ds and the Gameboy line weren't very powerful than their competitors.

Too much power and all you get is elitism and snobby expectations.

But the Switch is advertised as a home console.

The Wii U died quickly because it lacked the power to support third parties (it being horribly marketed didn't help). The Switch is doing as well as the original Wii did, but also lacks the power just like its older brethren. The Wii ended up dying after four years due to lack of support from Nintendo and third parties forcing a rush of Wii U and 3DS to markets.

The Switch is in position to repeat the dying support of the original Wii. March will make the completion of the Switch's third year on the market and starts year 4 on the market. Nintendo will need something more powerful (but not as powerful as XSX or PS5) to keep 3rd party support for 2021 in case Nintendo doesn't have much this year due to they saving games for the inevitable Switch Pro or the Switch's sequel.

Just like Nintendo didn't do anything for the Wii's final year saving games for the Wii U and 3DS's launches causing Wii to die more quickly than anticipated forcing Wii U and 3DS to market earlier than wanted, this upcoming year 4 for Switch will be another make or break year due to the looming XSX and PS5. We'll have to see if Nintendo can keep the games support through year 4 and 5 of the Switch.

If the games vanish from being available during years 4 and 5, Nintendo will have no choice but to rush Switch Pro or the Switch's sequel to market quickly showing they learned nothing from the end of the Wii/start of Wii U. Any casuals coaxed to Switch from mobile will return to mobile gaming with any lack of support that happens.

Sat Jan 18 20 10:03am
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But the Switch is advertised as a home console.

No it's not. It was advertised as a hybrid console.

And you're exaggerating the Wii U failure. The Wii sold well at 100 million because it was affordable and appealed to the casual market. The Wii u flopped because of the terrible marketing. You really think that the Wii u would have bombed because of the lack of power? Look at the 3ds which outsold the Vita. Literally the Vita was a powerhouse compared to the 3ds and that didn't do a thing to even come close to how much the 3ds sold.

The Switch is a different thing in off itself and it won't be damaged by ps5 or x series. It will only slow down if Nintendo doesn't make the games people want.

The Switch is a different thing in off itself and it won't be damaged by ps5 or x series. It will only slow down if Nintendo doesn't make the games people want.

We all know that Nintendo can't keep the ship floating all alone and that's where the 3rd parties are supposed to help. But most of them will abandon ship and swim to the PS5/Xbox. And there we have our dilemma.

The Switch is a very clever idea being a hybrid and I applaud Nintendo for it, but there are people who are not such big fans of all Nintendo games, but would get a Switch for 1-2 of those and good 3rd party support. Was also an issue with the WiiU. Some people just want their FIFAs...

Everything you said has been said about Nintendo many times before.

And it's true even today. So what's your point?

That's it wasn't true before and isn't true now. Surprised you had to ask.

I think they’re right. Why would a more powerful console suddenly make a difference to Nintendo fans?

I hate to say this but I do agree to an extent. I ended up barely using my PS4 at all last year due to most things I wanted being on Switch or easier to pick up and play on Switch/PC. I still hate how Nintendo won't get with the times with an achievement system and those dumb carts, but it seems that most games are using the carts a bit better since 16GB are commonplace now and 32GB are extremely limited novelties. Anything about 32GB would probably not even run well on the system to begin with so I don't think it needs a mini-BR/DVD player like I wanted it to at launch for bigger games.

Docking it with a CD drive for huge games, digital downloads/small cart games for portable play, that's how they should have launched it to get the big boys there but now they somehow get a lot of multiplats because really engines are scalable and I don't think next gen will change much in terms of power anyhow. The Switch is easily the best console for retro compilations/ports so I'm super glad I have one now and the newer games coming out lately are tons of fun too, so I think it'll do well.

I'm personally going to buy an XBSX for all the backwards compatibility and have an all-in-one platform for the few next gen exclusives I would want, but Switch will probably be my primary platform still. It's very handy for nearsighted people like me

I agree with most of this but I wanna point out one thing.

Maybe carts are a little bit pricier, but there is always gonna be an option that can hold far bigger games than a CD can.


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