Upcoming River City Girls patch changes the secret ending, and makes more tweaks

River City gets an upgrade

The Switch version of River City Girls will be getting a patch in the near future, and among other things, it changes up the game's secret ending. Those who meet the criteria for getting the special ending will notice that dialog has been changed, and new comic images are included.

The patch will also let players hold down the action button to talk to people or visit a new area, which is definitely a welcome change. Finally, the patch makes sure all books work, and an unlockable character' combo has been fixed to keep them from disappearing off screen.

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Good changes. The action button for door/speaking was definitely annoying. Curious about the changes to the second ending. I guess I’ll find out when it comes to consoles.

A couple of new panels. That's all I say.

I checked out a video. I can see why they made the change. I never had a problem with the ending but it was a little strange that the second ending altered the dialog with the boss but then not in the comic section as well.

Yeah, at the very least having a slight difference could make it worth for someone. Makes it very slightly less redundant.

I watched the updated ending, and it feels like something they shouldn't have done. They're channeling George Lucas by changing the context of the ending. And yeah, the old ending is still there after the normal final boss, but that was meant to be the ending in every case.

Hahaha preaching to the crowd.

This tells more about the current trend of hearing the social media outcries than anything else.

Still, IMO it comes as less random as it was originally where the story sort of stop instead of ending somewhere. Regardless of the metanarrative it was apparently originally going for.


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