Nintendo patents unique stylus attachment for the Switch Joy-Con

Nub rubbin'

The latest round of Nintendo patents have been for gameplay systems that we've already seen used in previous Nintendo titles, but today's is definitely different. This patent falls more into the wacky side of Nintendo things, which is what I think we're all looking for.

This patent adds on a stylus, or nub to the top of the Switch Joy-Con, which allows you to use the Joy-Con to draw or touch the Switch screen. The software being used with this allows you to change the shape of the stylus nub virtually, giving you the ability to draw sharper or thicker lines.

Another part of the patent shows the player making an in-game selection, and receiving feedback on their choice through Joy-Con HD rumble.

While Nintendo files patents all the time, some of them get turned into real-life products, and others never see the light of day. Hopefully Nintendo sees this one through to release!

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That looks weird af. The way you hold a Joy-Con is not the ideal way to hold a writing implement.

This does not look easy to use. How do you do anything with precision? I guess it will only really use it for things where you tap and not for writing.

I'd rather they give a stylus than this. What is the point of it?

They've already made a stylus. I guess the point is so you have vibration with it?

My guess would be that Nintendo experiments with a drawing program or something like that (Art Academy?), the Joy con becomes a brush/pencil.


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