Nintendo shares an infographic of Switch games to come in 2020, teases more announcements to come

It's gonna be a great year!

Nintendo wanted to give fans a look at just a few of the big-name Switch games that are coming to the platform in 2020, so they put together an infographic with plenty of content to look forward to. On top of what's listed above, we already know plenty of other titles coming this year. Even better, Nintendo has said that there's more to come, telling fans to keep an eye out for announcements during the year.

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"And before you ask, Metroid is not one of them."

Mon Jan 20 20 04:21pm
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Animal Crossing is the *only* definite purchase for me on that list. I'm skeptical that NMH3 comes out in 2020, but if so I'll probably buy it. I really liked the first two. Doom Eternal is a definite wait and see how it turns out situation.

Come on Nintendo, I'm ready for some 2020 game reveals.

Wow, Animal Crossing and maybe NMH3 is all I'm interested in all year so far. Really makes me wonder what they're pushing for the big holiday game. I suppose that "only two big games this year" guy was right, but hey, it beats 2018.

Can't they just throw in that Twilight Princess HD port already...

It's so weird seeing a Panzer Dragoon logo. I hope they get it right. Going to be hard to follow Orta.

Snack World looks fun, I'll probably end up buying it and being disappointed that it isn't Fantasy Life.

Panzer Dragoon is likely our only hope for a good Star Fox 64-like game.

Yikes...we need a Nintendo Direct like yesterday...

I'm still catching up with 2019's releases.

Apart from NMH3 which I'm super hyped for, I'll probably buy Outer Worlds and Doom (because I know they wouldn't get much play time if I got them on PC).

Animal Crossing, Doom, Outer World, No More Heroes, Hollow Knight, Xenoblade are definite purchases. I might get Trials of Mana just maybe. The cutscene look super cheesy in 3d with the artstyle they've chosen that's super faithful but does not transition very well to 3d. The action looks good though and the game is phenomenal.

Anyway I'm just glad this year lets me finish my games from 2019. Man Witcher and Dragon Quest take a long time to beat.

In terms of what's rumored, Bayo3 is a really safe bet in my opinion.


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