$10.1 Million Court Case between Nintendo and iLife rules in Nintendo's favor

Back in 2013, iLife filed a lawsuit against Nintendo that claimed that the motion-sensing technology found in a Wii remote infringes on one of their patents. After submitting several more lawsuits over the past few years, a federal court in Dallas ruled the following:

The court concluded that iLife Technologies Inc. was impermissibly trying to cover the broad concept of using motion sensors to detect motion.

As such, Ajay Singh, Nintendo of America’s Deputy General Counsel, has also issued the following statement:

Nintendo has a long history of developing new and unique products, and we are pleased that, after many years of litigation, the court agreed with Nintendo. We will continue to vigorously defend our products against companies seeking to profit off of technology they did not invent.

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Tue Jan 21 20 11:21am
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Wow, 7 years to decide that this lawsuit was complete bs? This is why the court system in this country sucks, takes forever for anything to happen.

At least Nintendo won though. I wonder if iLife has to pay Nintendo now, at least for all the money they had to spend in court!

Also, iLife sued in 2013, 7 years after the original Wii was released, which is a dead giveaway that it was just a cash grab by said company.

It seems like this was part of an appeal. So it technically may be multiple court cases in that span of seven years, but I do agree the court system is quite broken with the time it takes for things.

Well, despite the lawsuit being long, atleast Nintendo got free millions.

Wait iLife is a Apple product?!


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