DOOM Eternal director explains why the 2016 game's mechanics weren't working for this sequel

DOOMed from the start

DOOM Eternal might be the follow-up to DOOM 2016, but this isn't a paint-by-numbers sequel. As a matter of fact, the same approach to development just didn't work for the dev team. In an interview with Gamasutra, director Hugo Martin explains why things were broken right from the start of DOOM Eternal's development.

It was the player's [new] abilities that we gave them, like "meathook" and "dash," that made the racecar super fast. Immediately you notice that you were so quick that nothing could touch you. So you were never really under any kind of duress.

...In the early part of development, because of the abilities we gave the player and the imbalance that it created, there was nothing to master. It was basically a very simple, child-like puzzle, that really wasn't engaging anybody at all and I don't think anyone would have wanted to play more than two hours of it.

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This looks like it's going to look great and feel great as a game but im just not feeling this one as I was with the 2016 Doom. The fact they omitted the Switch package from the second trailer makes me even more cautious.

"I don't think anyone would have wanted to play more than two hours of it."

I think some people would. Some people play games to let out their stress, and for them, the ability to stomp on everything and crush anything you want with zero effort is the perfect avenue for that, and they can't get enough of it.

Radical Entertainment specializes in this type of game--whether it's The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction or any of the [PROTOTYPE] games, they let you cause as much trouble as you pleased without any consequences. There are enough of these people for that company to subsist pretty much entirely on them, at least.

Nail on the head Zombie Aladdin, some times the best and most fun thing to do is just Smash everything.


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