DOOM Eternal to feature a new higher difficulty option

Ready for a real challenge?

In DOOM 2016, players could dial up the difficulty to Nightmare in order to give themselves a real challenge. That option will still be in DOOM Eternal, but it's no longer the highest option players have to choose from.

The dev team has confirmed that there will be a level higher than Nightmare made available, and it even includes some unique twists to gameplay. This mode starts off with the difficulty of Nightmare, but adds in some roguelike features to the experience. For example, you'll only have one life to make it through the entire campaign with. You'll have to do that without any checkpoints as well.

There's no hiding your performance in this new difficulty either. Other players will be able to see how far into the experience you made it before you kicked the bucket. That's an extra bit of incentive to keep revisiting the mode and one-upping your previous performance.

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sounds like the same mode that was in the original Doom 2016.

Tue Jan 21 20 08:07pm
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I'm not a big fan of these Iron Man/one life only modes. It works in Rogue-likes because the game is designed around that idea (by either being short finish times or ways to permanently let you get further into the game [an example for both would be rogue-lite Spelunky]). Can someone tell me if there's any examples of a game featuring this as a bonus that was really enjoyable? Not trying to be negative, just genuinely curious if I'm the odd man out here.

The one life difficulty level was already in Doom 2016, it's called Ultra-Nightmare.


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