Nintendo reminds Switch owners to be careful with what they cram into the game card slot


Nintendo is back with yet another warning for Switch users. These tend to be warnings that most people already know, but this one might be a bit more important. Nintendo wants you to know that you should never stick a damaged game card into your Switch game card slot, and they also warn against cleaning the slot with a cotton swab. Check out the full message below.

“Inside the Game Card slot is a Game Card reader. If you use a cotton swab to clean the Game Card reader, or insert a damaged Game Card into the reader, you might end up damaging the Game Card reader by accident. Please do not touch or insert any foreign objects into the slot.”

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Usually things like this are pretty obvious, but this is good advice.

Wed Jan 22 20 12:18pm
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How the hell can anyone even attempt this is beyond me. But common sense goes a long way I guess...


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