Nintendo not required to offer eShop refunds based on recent court ruling in Germany and Norway

All sales are final

Nintendo has taken the victory in a recent legal case against Norway and Germany. A lawsuit from the VZBV (German Consumer Protection Authority) claimed that based on the Norwegian and European law, Nintendo should be required to offer refunds for digital eShop purchases. The court has made their decision against the VZBV, and Nintendo will not be required to make any changes to their refund system.

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Ah this is a shame. Well at least Steam complies to this ruling. It's one of the big reasons I mainly buy retail releases on Nintendo consoles because I can sell them on if they are awful or broken or unplayable games.

Wonder how the court decided to go in Nintendo's favor.

I mean, if Google and steam allow refunds, wouldn't Nintendo like lose the case? Unless there is something in the law that had some flaw.

I actually surprised something like this had to go to court. You would not expected this kinda decision from Nintendo.


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