Pokemon Sword & Shield become Japan's second best-selling physical Switch game of all-time

The race for the top is on

For a long time now, Smash Bros. Ultimate has been the best-selling physical Switch game in Japan overall, and Splatoon 2 has been sitting pretty at second place. That's not longer the case, as Pokemon Sword & Shield have bumped Splatoon 2 down into the third position.

Pokemon Sword & Shield are now at 3.3 million sold in Japan alone, and Smash Bros. Ultimate is somewhere over the 3.5 million mark. Pokemon Sword & Shield can certainly overtake Smash Bros. Ultimate at this pace, and it shouldn't be too far off in the future.

Then things will get super interesting when Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases! Will it have the power to top them all?

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The game's alright, but it's a bit of a shame when you see how much more passion for quality is put into something like Odyssey or Breath of the Wild.


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