Hyperkin explains why they're bringing Game Boy games to the TV with the RetroN Jr.

In all their chunky pixel goodness

Hyperkin has released a number of consoles and portables that let you enjoy your classic cartridges, but their next piece of hardware is a bit different. The RetroN Jr. will let you play your Game Boy games on the TV instead of handheld, which has lead to some people wondering why that decision was made. Hyperkin shared their reasoning in an interview with Nintendo Life, which you can find below.

The benefits of playing a Game Boy game on a home TV is to take advantage of a large screen. This can potentially allow gamers to appreciate their classics again, this time in a comfortable living room instead of those streetlight-lit car rides home. The pick-up-and-play nature of a handheld console becomes more relaxed and possibly more patient. Now your whole family can see you tackle those dungeons. This gives a whole new perspective to your favourite RPGs and puzzle games that you enjoyed as a kid.

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