See the moment the voice of Mario met the voice of Bowser for the first time

Mario meets Bowser

Bowser meets Mario in real life

Well here's a really neat story that I happened upon. Did you know that up until 2018, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, had never met Kenny James, the voice of Bowser, in real life? The two had provided their respective talents to numerous games before, but had never met in person! That all changed at Too Many Games in June 2018, when the two voice actors met in real life for the very first time. Awesome to see the moment captured in a picture!

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i guess voice acting can be like that, but this is still really surprising. They don't work in the same office?

Voice actors work differently than others. They either work in small studio rooms where they do the voicing or, the actor practices the voice and records them and simply gives it to the director. I'm guessing that's how Charlie works.

It makes me realize that Mario and Bowser never really "talk" to each other, so there wouldn't have been a good excuse for these two actors to meet each other.

Maybe Mario and Bowser should talk it out next time.

Maybe in the movie.

Though given Hollywood trends they'll probably look for famous actors to promote the movie.

I'm 95% sure they'll cast big stars in the movie instead of the right voices.

With that in mind, I've heard they usually employ actors who look like the characters they're playing. In that sense who looks like Mario and Bowser?

What Mario doesn't know is that he's a Bowser imposter, does he know the real Bowser?

Bowser has a voice actor? I always just assumed it was noises made by the sound effects team.

Bowser has a plenty of voiced dialog in Super Mario Sunshine. Just watch the cut scenes.

Oh, I guess you're right. Been a while since I played that one.

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He has bits of spoken words. During the GC era it was one actor. In Bowser Inside Story it was another. And from Galaxy to today it has been the same guy I think.

EDIT: Correction. He's only had 2 voice actors in the games: Scott Burns (from Super Mario Sunshine until Super Princess Peach), and Kenny James who's been the voice since Super Mario Sluggers in 2005.

Eric Newsome only did the voice of Bowser for Super Paper Mario.


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