Developer survey shows 19% of respondents bringing their next game to Switch, 37% show interest in Switch support

Switch putting up some good data

Another year, another GDC survey. This time around, 4,000 respondents answered a number of questions about where they plan on bringing their next projects. Here's what the respondents had to say about the Switch.

- 17% are bringing their current game to Switch
- 19% are planning their next game for Switch
- 37% are interested in Switch

Of course, these numbers make a lot more sense when you measure them against other platforms. Here's what devs had to say about PS4/XB1/PS5/Xbox Series X.

- 11% are bringing their current game to PS5
- 23% are planning their next game for PS5
- 9% are bringing their current game to Xbox Series X
- 17% are planning their next game for Xbox Series X
- 25% are bringing their current game to PS4
- 20% are planning their next game for PS4
- 23% are bringing their their current game to Xbox One
- 20% are planning their next game for Xbox One

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Those are decent numbers for Switch, but I feel like it should be higher, given the fact that the Switch has been the best-selling game system almost every month since it launched nearly 3 years ago now. Overall install base is higher than Xbox One, so why is the latter still getting more support from devs? As far as I can tell, many devs still do not treat Nintendo fans as “real” or “hardcore” gamers.

It’s just like when EA said that their audience isn’t interested in Switch: how can they know that when they’ve never put one good quality game on the system?!

Fri Jan 24 20 04:27pm
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EA's butthurt about Nintendo not supporting Origin in the past, so until shareholders oust the entire management blocking Nintendo support, nothing will change.

But also we're in the market where everything must be frontloaded. If you're not selling 10 million copies/units on day 1 of a launch, you're not doing well in the market, evergreening be damned. Nintendo tends to play long term rather than short term, so some 3rd parties will not even bother investing because they want short term gains which they get from everyone else but Nintendo unfortunately.

Nevermind the countless stories we've heard about 3rd parties (namely indies) that multiplatform usually have had the Switch version sell the best out of all of them.

Yeah I feel like it should be higher support for Switch too, but I think it's a case of "No one ever got fired for suggesting they release their game on PlayStation."

To the contrary, some mainstream 3rd party games don't really find an audience with Switch owners, especially if the game is a port and possibly downgraded somewhat. So the Switch could be considered the risky move for a lot of publishers unless the game is tailor-made for Nintendo fans, like Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

Do you really want EA to port their Micro transaction games on Switch? We're honestly better off without their ***** games.

I think the issue we run into is system power. The switch is not as powerful as a ps4 pro or Xbox one X so then developers have to not just one version for PS4 and Xbox but then have to do more work to get it running on the switch. Until Nintendo creates a console that has the same power as it’s competitors then this will continue to happen.


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