The Witcher author has not played the game adaptations

Seems like he has zero interest

Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of The Witcher series, is a very matter-of-fact man. He doesn't beat around the bush when doing interviews, which comes across as both biting and refreshing at the same time. In a recent interview with io9, Sapkowski was asked about how the Witcher TV show compares to the video games. Check out his response below.

I cannot compare anything to video games, because I have never played any. Since I was a kid I haven’t played any games—with a possible exception of bridge and poker. Video games are simply not for me, I prefer books as entertainment. Anyway, in my opinion TV series and video games—any of them—cannot be compared. They are too different in approach, making—and objective. You cannot compare spaghetti carbonara with a bicycle. Even though both have advantages and disadvantages.


Honestly a very muted reaction from him given his history with CDPR. To those who don't know: he basically sold the video game rights to CDPR for a pittance because he didn't like the medium and didn't think it would do well, then repeatedly sued the company to try to get "his" money back and I think they worked something out. Still, he really does not like that people know the series from the video games and made sure that the series was not connected to them.

It's a real shame they made it better then him.

Mon Jan 27 20 06:48pm
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Not everyone is into video games in the same way that not everyone is into books. I'm just glad he didn't denigrate the medium as a whole, which is certainly what many people do for things they aren't interested in.

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Oh he denigrated the medium as a whole until he figured out his settlements with CDPR. In one of his lawsuits he said the sales of the game hurt his book sales. Demanded his money up front because he said the games would never sell, too. Now he likes it because he gets money from it.

Sounds a lot like the history of Star Wars merchandise, as A New Hope came out before merchandise was a major revenue source, and 20th Century Fox let George Lucas get all of the profits from merch not expecting much to come from it.

It's actually a great interview of the author being unabashedly blunt/rude/himself.

He didn’t have much of any input into the TV adaptation either. Which is fine. He wrote and prefers the medium of books and is obviously ok with his work being adapted into other mediums since he’s sold the rights.

I never played a Witcher game or read the books but after watching the TV season, I’m half way through the first (chronologically speaking) book and plan on playing The Witcher 3.

Carbonara over bicycle. Anyday.
See, that was easy ^^


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