Dr. Kawashima discusses the return of the Brain Age series on Switch

Gotta keep that brain young!

Earlier today, we shared a few details from a Nintendo-conducted interview with Dr. Kawashima. In the interview, Dr. Kawashima talked about how big of a Switch fan he was. Now we have more tidbits from that interview, thanks to a translation from Siliconera.

Check out the interview below, which features Dr. Kawashima himself, as well as Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training on Switch developers Kouichi Kawamoto and Kenta Kubo.

Question: How did development of the game begin?

Kouichi Kawamoto, producer: “Personally, the reason I began the project was because, for some reason, some of my acquaintances who didn’t know I was in charge of the DS Brain Age were saying that they wanted to play Brain Age again. However, the DS game has many outdated elements nowadays, so I can’t recommend it, so I thought that we should bring it to the latest platform.”

Kenta Kubo, director: “Since Brain Age: Concentration Training, I’ve still been discussing proposals with Dr. Kawashima… and around two years ago, I spoke to Kawashima, and said that “We’re thinking of a Brain Age game for the Nintendo Switch.”

Dr. Kawashima: “During seminars, I’m asked by those who played Brain Age on DS, “What game is coming next?”

However, it’s sad that those people would say that they were really into the game in past tense. And then, I’d ask further, and it would turn out that those people who played the game with their kid back then are beginning to reach that age… The age where you start forgetting things.”

Dr. Kawashima: “What’s important is ‘continuation’.

This is something not just about Brain Age but games in general must deal with. Aren’t there a lot of games where you play it once and then stop playing? As a specialist in this field, I want players to continue their brain training for extended periods.

To do so, we’ll let them form groups, and have them play the game among their friends. That way, even when their brain age shows they are 20 years old (in the Brain Age series, 20 is the youngest you can go), you might have situations where one person wasn’t able to surpass the time set by their girlfriend… (laughs) Our research up until now has proven that doing brain training with others affects how long people continue with it quite clearly. Competing with others is an effective way to have players continue on for even over 10 years.”


Tue Jan 28 20 10:43pm
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GoNintendo: Dear Dr. Kawashima, why is it that you forsake the NA market for the Switch version of Brain Training?

Dr. Kawashima: Ahh ... great question! This is because our research has indicated that the NA market has an average brain age of 3, and they don't need the software anymore.

GoNintendo: Um ... is that a good thing?

(yes, this is a fake interview, for those with a brain age of 100 who may be asking :p )

Wed Jan 29 20 03:15am
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I think it won't be coming to the USA since there are rumours someone was complaining that they didn't get smart from playing the original game.

Only in the US.

You Americans are really missing out. It's great. Kawashima even pranked me.

The last brain age on 3ds was released in 2012 in japan, 2013 in NA and 2017 in europe. May be they thought the 4 years delay was a good idea 😁


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