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New Clan of the Ox muscles their way into Northgard with new DLC

Coming to Switch sometime down the road
by rawmeatcowboy
29 January 2020
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Shiro Games, the French indie studio behind the best-selling Viking strategy game Northgard, has today released a new DLC introducing the formidable and destructive Himminbrjotir: Clan of the Ox. Available now on Steam for $4.99 / €4.49 / £3.99, the new clan is set to be a slow starter but a dynamic and crushingly powerful late-game finisher.

Led by the ancient Torfin, the Clan of the Ox are known for their overwhelming might and healthy appetite. Their villagers are tougher, larger, and eat more than other clans. They have a 15% attack and defense bonus and a 40% production bonus. However, the player will only be able to assign one villager per building (including military and production buildings).

An imposing figure, the Clan’s Warchief Torfin has unmatched strength and can identify and loot Ancient Battlegrounds for Ancestral Equipment. He also has access to two unique abilities: Provocation, which increases Torfin’s defenses and forces every non-neutral enemy to attack him for a few seconds, and Ram, which can be used to immediately destroy an opponent's building by charging it.