Switch first party long-tail sellers see more units moved in 2020 Q3 than 2019 Q3

This is just staggering

Plenty of people wonder why Nintendo hardly ever drops the price of their first party titles. Nintendo's Q3 2020 fiscal results are the perfect example of why. Analyst David Gibson has shared some insight into long-tail first party sellers on Switch for this quarter compared to last, and the results are downright shocking.

In Q3 2020, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe managed to move 4 million units, which is 800k higher than the same period in Q3 2019. Super Mario Odyssey sold 2.2 million units this quarter, compared to 1.6 million in the same quarter last fiscal year. Zelda: Breath of the Wild managed 1.8 million units sold this quarter, compared to 1.4 million in Q3 2019. Finally, Splatoon 2 soled 1.1 million units in Q3 2020, beating out the 800k sold in Q3 2019.

It's extremely rare that you see older titles like this outperform their previous sales as years roll on, but Nintendo has four examples right there. This goes to show just how well the Switch is doing, as well as the staying power of first party hardware!

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The system sure is rolling along nicely! Nintendo did say they plan for the Switch to be around for longer than other systems, and it definitely seems like that is viable.

Thu Jan 30 20 06:59am
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I think I must have slept for too long if we are already talking about the results of Q3 2020... odds are I am just getting the conventions for naming quarters... I dunno

Well, they are the worthy games for the Switch so its not surprising that they are still in demand.

Had the three of any evergreen titles not been released on Switch, I doubt that the Switch could even do what its doing now.

Thu Jan 30 20 11:18am
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I wish the news numbers were accurate. Every quarter I update my spreadsheet with the most recent data from Nintendo (data nerd here) and some of those numbers are not correct.

Game - Sales in the Q3/2019 - Sales in Q3/2020

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. - 3.31 M - 3.95 M
Super Mario Odyssey. - 1.59 M - 1.21 M
Zelda Breath of the Wild - 1.40 M - 1.80 M
Splatoon 2 - 0.80 M - 0.53 M

1.11 Million for Splatoon 2 is for the fiscal YEAR, not the quarter
2.15 Million for Odyssey is the same thing


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