Nintendo FY3/2020 Q3 earnings results briefing recap

Nintendo's FY3/2020 Q3 earnings results briefing is currently going on, and you can find a live-blog of the information below.

- Nintendo strategy is to expand population of those who encounter the IP
- No change to long term plans
- In 2015 first time to expand IP decision made.
- Beginning to see the results
- Nintendo TOKYO hasn't made a large impact, but is a fixed point for regular connectino with customers
- Nintendo wants to continue to capture range of people and enhance products
- Super Nintendo World is a particularly large initiative for expanding Nintendo IP
- it will launch in Japan before the Olympics, and will be a wide experience
- there is a Mario Kart attraction, power-up bands, and more parks to come
- the Illumination Mario movie is planned for 2022, and Nintendo is very proactive in design and production
- producer on the film is Miyamoto, as well as Chris M from Illumination
- Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo's largest-scale mobile launch, and has a wide variety of users
- 40% of Mario Kart Tour users are female
- on Black Friday week, the Switch sold 800k
- Switch sold over 2 million units in Dec. in North America alone
- Ring Fit Adventure continues to grow
- Ring Fit Adventure took off in Japan and Korea, then in Europe
- Ring Fit Adventure really took off after Black Friday, and has sold over 1.7 million, which has lead to shortages
- Ring Fit Adventure has a wide range of users, including a higher female ration than other games
- Luigi's Mansion 3 is seeing sales particularly strong in NA/EU, initial users in 20's but holiday seeing seeing more kids
- Pokemon Sword and Shield's momentum is continuing in the new year
- 1st party mix 56.59m +26% YoY, but 3rd party also growing 50% YoY in FY
- Switch Online has over 15 million paid accounts now, Nintendo is working on lapsed subs and new subs
- Switch and Switch Lite are for two different lifestyles
- Switch Lite sales are incremental
- Nintendo has to better communicate the benefits of Switch Lite
- Nintendo has no plans to release new hardware by the end of the year
- Nintendo's software development teams are now combined, and they can use a number of franchises to create content
- A wide range of genres will be released by 1st and 3rd party
- Nintendo will maintain activity in games with add-on content, as they want to sustain relationships
- Nintendo is consolidating offices in Tokyo, meaning 4 offices will go to one location to improve efficiency
- after the holidays, momentum is stronger for Switch than Switch Lite
- Pokemon fans picked up the Switch Lite, and Switch Lite has a higher female install base
- Nintendo is unsure the hardware cycle can be different, but they will continue to focus on software to promote Switch, and the goal is for things to be different from other devices
- Nintendo sees that there are still newcomers who are playing for the first time on Switch
- Nintendo says the game market still has unlimited potential versus smartphone/digital market
- finding the best tech for the user experience is the framework for adding features to devices
- Nintendo says they don't believe they compete with other brands
- Nintendo is very interactive with their Universal collaboration
- Nintendo wants their characters known by a wide demographic, and want to do something unique
- Nintendo used to think staying away from movies/TV with their brands was the right way to go, but is changing
- the most important thing for them with movie/TV is to hold the rights tot he projects
- Nintendo is very pleased with the Switch launch in China, even though the scale isn't that big
- Nintendo wants to communicate the unique software in China, which is a very mobile-focused marked
- getting Switch hardware/software sales up to snuff in China will take a long time
- Nintendo believes their making progress in expanding the exposure of their IP with mobile
- download numbers for their mobile offerings are very strong
- Nintendo wants to create more of a service where they have interactions with customers continuously
- Nintendo would like to do something new in the mobile field, and will show their idea when ready
- Nintendo sees it important to continue the momentum of Switch as rival platforms release
- Nintendo plans to continue working on software to extend the lifecycle of Switch
- Nintendo sees the 4th year of Switch sales as a mid-stage

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2020 is a software year, as it should be. Anything besides special editions will be buried by the Series X and PS5.

Thu Jan 30 20 10:29pm
Rating: 1

2020 is a software year

Then Nintendo better (1) up their game with the new Direct to show us what's in store. At least what we can get before E3....

I wholeheartedly agree. I believe the first half will be kinda dry, but I can see us getting Odyssey 2 or a port of 3D World, Pikmin 3, a Metroid that is not 4, Xenoblade 1, Zelda BotW2 and Bayonetta 3. That could make the June to November timeframe quite compelling.

We won't be getting a new Mario Kart anytime soon. And given the sales of Super Mario Party, I don't think a sequel is coming soon either. But I do believe we will get another multiplayer game, most likely Golf.

Guesing BOTW2 will hit the holidays. We have no idea how far in development it actually is, but at least we'll see this year. That I am sure of. Another game you mentioned that we don't know for how long it was in development is Bayonetta 3, but it seems like it should have come a very long way by now, so that's a game I truly think we'll see this year (yeah I know I say that a lot =) )

Oh well... I think it's best to just wait for the Direct. It sould be just around the corner by now if we are to believe in trends.

BotW2 seems to be getting a MM kind of deal. So I do believe it releases this year. Save for big changes such as Zelda playable, which would take longer to implement.

As for Bayonetta 3, Platinum has stated that development was going well. And it's been quite some time since we got that teaser. I have no interest in it, but for those who have been longing for it, I hope it comes in 2020.

This Direct can't come soon enough

Fri Jan 31 20 06:43pm
Rating: 1

Here comes the waiting game...Again!


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