New Silent Hill and Fatal Frame movies in the works

Fright night!

Fans of horror video games have an exciting one-two punch to look forward to. Director Christophe Gans has confirmed that he's tied to a new Silent Hill movie, as well as a Fatal Frame film. Gans has previously worked on films like the 2006 Silent Hill, as well as the 2014 fantasy film, Beauty and the Beast.

Gans says that the Silent Hill movie will be set in a small American town ruled by Puritanism. As for the Fatal Frame movie, that'll be set in Japan in order to capture the feel of the games.


So is Fatal Frame being overseen by Nintendo like they’re doing with Mario? The ownership rights are a bit confusing to me. I only ask cause I want to get an idea on future expectations with how Nintendo handles their IPs for film that aren’t just Mario.

Probably not. Koei Tecmo Games must be supervising because Nintendo is busy working with Universal and Illumination on a motion picture project.

Since everyone says Nintendo co-owns Fatal Frame now, however, they might force that film into hiatus until Mario can redeem himself as a movie star. The chance of failure is high for the untitled Super Mario film, though.

Given it's Illumination, I'd say the chances of the Mario movie failing is absolute.

If you read anything regarding the Mario movie, you would have known that Nintendo is heavily involved in this film. Unlike the first movie, they chose not to take a hands off approach this time ‘round. In fact, they have all the rights to the movie even though both companies are finding it. It is said that even Myamoto is involved in the project. If they treat the movie like they do the brand, I’d say there’s nothing to worry about except that it may just play it extremely safe.

Sat Feb 01 20 07:37am
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I've heard that yes, but I'm still highly cynical because I despise every single thing this studio has produced and do not trust them. Illumination have a reputation, they're shamelessly cheap, demonstrably lazy and their involvement will invariable result in a lesser product than if they'd gone with a studio with any artistic integrity.

I have no doubt it'll be a 'safe' production, safe, unchallenging, forgettable. And that's actually the best case scenario I fear.

Its confusing for me too, but I think they only Co-own the rights to 2, 3 and 4 and if I remember correctly any that are developed a few years after the announcement which wound up only being 5 and of course Spirit Camera which I actually think is wholly owned by Nintendo. If I'm not mistaken the agreement ended there, but that's not the discussion at hand which is the movie which again if Im not mistaken has nothing to do with Nintendo as their agreement was for the games only.

With that all being said I really do hope Nintendo does come to another agreement for more games.

id love to see the fatal frame series ported to the switch.

Another great suggestion, my Excellency.

With all the Wii U ports, I don't know why Fatal Frame 5 hasn't already been ported over.

That reminds me to doenload FF for the Wii U =)

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