Watch Platinum's reaction to The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter hitting $1 million

Thumbs up from Kamiya

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter has been a phenomenal success, and its only been around for a single day. The Kickstarter has already hit $1.2 million, and the base goal was at $50k! The best part is that the team at Platinum recorded their reaction when the Kickstarter crossed the $1 million mark. See what went down in the developer's offices when the milestone was hit above.


I still don’t get the glorified pre-order that some kickstarters are. It’s basically them saying “pay us first then we’ll release the game....at some stage.”

drew ciccotelli
Tue Feb 04 20 04:22pm
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I've learned my lesson from Mighty No 9. Nothing is legally binding and basically you're a stockholder without any say so. The fact that one of the rewards is getting blocked by Kamiya shows that they aren't taking it all that seriously.

Tue Feb 04 20 04:39pm
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You are reading way to much into a joke. lbvs.

What I've seen is that game development is very shaky things don't show issues until they're mid-developing something. Management also feels like it doesn't grasp exact time frames but estimates according to experience (which also changes do to new tools).

IMO kickstarter can work, but it also can overindulge when the pitch is too good to be true for backers. The next Banjo Kazooie, the next Megaman. The thought should be more like, this is a metroidvania, this is a retro game, this is an action game. That's more accurate to what is being sold.


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