Taiwan's 70-year-old Pokemon GO fan evolves his rig again, now has 67 phones on his bike

You go, Chen!

Chen San Yuan, the 70-year-old Pokemon GO superfan in Taiwan, just can't get enough of the game. He keeps adding more and more phones to his rig, and now he's running 67 different phones at once! Chen San Yuan was spotted playing Pokemon GO at a special event taking during the Taiwan Lantern Festival.

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More than 50 and you're just showing off.

This has gotten past the point of ridiculous.

If he keeps going like this his bike will eventually turn into a phone.

Mon Feb 10 20 01:01am
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The hell man... I pay 350-ish a month for four phones... I can't even begin to imagine how much this guy pays...

Could he pay for one mobile plan and hotspot the rest?

I'm guessing the guy's pretty rich. He seems to get new smartphones like they're nothing.

Tue Feb 11 20 02:42am
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So he finally Gigantamaxed!


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