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Nintendo details how the Fire Emblem: Three Houses 'Cindered Shadows' DLC save data interacts with the main game

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by rawmeatcowboy
11 February 2020
GN Version 5.0

The save data for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses 'Cindered Shadows' DLC works a bit differently than you might expect, which is why Nintendo has taken the time to explain how things. Check out the details on this setup below.

- save data for the DLC is separate from the main game.
- progress in Cindered Shadows will influence what you can do in the main game, including exploring Abyss
- as you continue to progress in Cindered Shadows, you can interact with/recruit the 4 Ashen Wolves in Part 1 of the main gam
- once they've joined your house, they will be available to take part in battles & classes
- they'll also stick with you into Part 2 of the main game