Pokemon Home APK includes a rather random GIF

This has to be a mistake...

Pokemon Home is up on the Google Play store, and some Android users have been sniffing around the APK to see what's inside. While most of the content is pretty standard, the APK includes the GIF you see above. There's absolutely no explanation as to why it's there, but I'm guessing it'll be removed soon!

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

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Dear Diary.
Today was a good day.

I know the kid you see at the end is supposed to be Vocaloid Rin but what this is referencing and where it came from... no idea.

Mark Sanchez doesn't fall far from the tree.

all this is, is gloting for all the hate pokemon home got and how well pokemon think people are going to sub to pokemon home

I sure wish I can animate like that

And so the gif shall forever be used to insult corporates who think they know better than we do..especially game freak.


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