The SNES Playstation is officially up for auction

Own a part of history!

A few weeks back, we noted that the SNES Playstation prototype was going up for auction. That auction is now live, which means you could make the system yours! At the time of writing this post, the auction sits at $4,300. Be prepared for it to go much, much higher. This is an insane bit of Nintendo and Playstation history! Check out the auction here.

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Nintendo's name was scrubbed clean, if it ever was on it.

Rumour has it that Sony were attemptng a hostile takeover of Nintendo. How much thruth there is to that I do not know, but it would surprise me. What I do understand is that there was a lot of silly drama between the two!

What would thevgaming world have looked like, eh?

Wed Feb 12 20 07:07pm
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Sonys management barely wanted anything to do with gaming, if Ken Kutaragi hadn't been able to convince the company's president to work on these projects, they likely wouldn't have been close to making PlayStation before or after this. I HIGHLY doubt they were planning a hostile takeover, and if they were, this would have been an odd way to do it.

Wed Feb 12 20 07:28pm
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The didn't want anything with gaming to do until they saw the potential and money in it. And when that ball was rolling they would go all in and make it like a snowball growing down a hill. And, of course, money is our greatest lord and god, so I can see the point in it. Not that I think it was so, but would not be surprised if it was.

They knew the money after the SNES PlayStation fiasco and they still wanted nothing to do with it until Kutaragi convinced them, most of the board was against it

Yeah, and I'm like here bragging about my Super Famicom and Oddessey 200... Sheesh...

You should feel proud to own those none the less.

Oh I love both of them. Same with all my "children" (10+). Actally it would be a bit frightening to own this SNESTATION. People would be trying to break in and steal it Smile Would be fun to have though.

So the Super Nintendo Entertainment System PlayStation then?


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