The Witcher 3 sales see a 554% boost in Dec. 2019, fueled by Netflix's Witcher series

Geralt helps Geralt

Netflix's Witcher series has been a hit in a number of ways, and that success has boosted all things Witcher. According to NPD analyst Sartori Bernbeck, Netflix's series manage to cause quite a bump in Witcher 3 game sales in Dec. 2019.

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was ported to the Nintendo Switch console in October 2019, just before the Netflix series premiered. These combined factors caused the game to have a strong surge in sales during Q4 2019. U.S. December physical sales for the game were 554% higher than December 2018. [And it was] still 63% higher even when excluding the Nintendo Switch platform.”

In other words, the Switch release of Witcher 3 certainly did its fair share to lift those numbers, but the influence from Netflix's series helped sales for Witcher 3 rise in general.


Thu Feb 13 20 05:37pm
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Nintendo should seek that strategy. Heck, even Pokemon has been releasing Pokemon material in order to keep interest in the series. Anime, shorts, movies.

I think a niche series like Bayonetta, Metroid, or even F-Zero could benefit from a cross media promotion. It could also be helpful for Nintendo since they don't put a lot of story into their games, perhaps they could make small bits related to these worlds in this way. Different interpretations could also work as we see with the Witcher.

They tried F-Zero cartoons and it didn't work back then. Looking at Level 5, who does that all the time, shows a multimedia strategy is hard.

Thu Feb 13 20 10:53pm
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Yeah. It can be a double edge sword if the cross media material is awful. (watched a couple of episodes and this thing is very rough, it's badly edited also).

I suppose part of the strategy should also be picking your battles. Since making a short is different than making a series or movie. In a way is like picking how much to bet,

Also Nintendo is weird, given how huge Animal Crossing is, why haven't they released officially the movie that already exists!? (Which I've heard its not bad).

Bayonetta also had an animated movie released around the same time the game originally launched on 360. Apparently it was terrible and obviously didnt help push that many sales.


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