Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang pokes fun at Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser players

Yang gangs up on Bowser

Andrew Yang has dropped out of the presidential race, which certainly gives him a bit more free time. What's he doing with the newfound downtime? He's harassing Bowser players in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In the short clip above, Andrew Yang is heard saying that "All Bowser players are carried," which shows he's not too fond of those who main Bowser. I'm sure quite a few Bowser players would feel differently about Yang's statement, and would love to take him on in a match!


What does he mean by "carried"? Carried what?

Competitive speak for they don’t carry their own weight.

I tried googling it but i'm still confused. Who carries their weight? I don't get it.

Thu Feb 13 20 09:25pm
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It basically means that other players have to pick up their slack in a match, they carry them.

In other words; they suck

IDK how accurate it is, but I also considered it to mean (in a 1v1 setting) that a character is so easy to use, a person who wins with them doesn't reflect their actual skill.

Yeah I don't know about its accuracy either, must be some sort of inside joke I'm not aware of.

Their teammates. People use it a lot to describe a person who is bad at Fortnite, yet on a good team that gets a lot of eliminations/wins.

To be carried, in Smash specifically... means the character is Beginner friendly. Bowser has a lot of speed for his attacks and movement, and hits hard. So it helps make up for the lack of skill a player has when they can quickly throw out a huge damaging attack.

Take a skilled based character like Shiek for example. She doesn't put out a lot of damage and unless you practice with her a lot, you wont know how to string her attack combos together to keep putting in damage. With Bowser you can just hit that A button whenever the opponent is near and throw out something that could do a lot of damage in one hit.

Thu Feb 13 20 07:22pm
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If he comes across me online, joke's on him! I main Random!

hey at least he's not on Team Greninja, that's an instant disqualification. You gotta be on Team Braixen for Pokken and not Greninja for Smash Bros

How so? I always see them get bodied in competitive compilation videos... to the point I feel sorry for Bowser


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