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Fri Feb 14 20 11:19am
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Another month and only one third party game in the Switch top 10. I wish they put out the actual sales numbers. Maybe third party games don't sell after all.

Kinda hard to sell 3rd party games when you don't release them on Switch in the first place. And for those that do put 3rd party games on Switch, they're often inferior to the ones on other platforms. I mean you can't exactly expect a market when one refuses to build said market.

It's only been indies that have reported great success on Nintendo platforms. Out of the indies that have put games on multiple platforms, many have reported the Switch versions to be the highest in sales.

Also, a LOT of 3RD party games come to the Switch way later than the other platforms. That does have a lot to say.

Nintendo's first party games will always outdo what third party games would do. There is no way that third party games can ever compete with the games Nintendo sells because they sell long term.


Third parties only sell...when they put in the effort in all areas of game development including marketing. For those third parties that aren't contributing well enough, well they shouldn't complain about not having a market.

You can't have a market when you refuse to build one in the first place.

Excellent month for Ring Fit

Fri Feb 14 20 05:07pm
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third parties have to be realistic, there's no way they'll ever sell more than gta , minecraft, call of or madden... in fact the whole (not on switch)top10 only have like another dbz game as a new game but build on a recently successful established ip ....
I don't know 3rd parties do not look like they have a lot of choices . They might as well grab a few double dip with a switch game.

ring fit is the only game on the top 20 that no one would have bet on it being there last year. I know i was not expecting it.


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